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Intro To Internal Communications Workshop

We'll help you connect with your internal audiences through effective, engaging communications strategies.

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In the modern organization, we are working more and more asynchronously. Teams are expected to use a myriad of internal communication tools to convey the information that their colleagues need.

With rapid organizational expansion and globalization, it can be hard to stop the digital workplace from becoming a fiery ball of chaos.

This workshop is aimed at anyone who is starting out in internal communications or who works in a role where you are responsible for keeping everyone in sync (for example - People Operations & Leadership).

A communication plan can't just live in your head. An effective plan is a living document that describes who your various audiences are, what information you'll communicate to each audience, which channels you'll use, and how often you'll communicate. It also describes what success looks like (including relevant metrics).

If your team isn't getting information through official channels (or if it comes sporadically), they will tend to fill in the gaps with their own stories. In turn, this can lead to misaligned strategies, tactics, budgeting and decision-making. Investing in a proper internal communications plan will lead to more consistency, confidence and understanding.

At the other end of the spectrum, simply sharing everything without sufficient context can easily overwhelm your team as they struggle to extract a signal from the noise. In other words, a firehose of transparency is no substitute for an actual plan.

In this workshop, you will...

  • Explore the information needs of different personas in your organization.
  • Discuss how to keep teams informed without compromising their focus.
  • Chart the move from reactive to proactive communication.
  • Learn how to apply the four key principles: transparency, empathy, discoverability, and adaptability.
  • Create an internal communications plan for the upcoming year.
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Rachel delivered a series of communications training packages with creativity and flair, bringing her knowledge and providing a level of service over and above what was expected.

Helen N. - CEO - National Trust

In addition to offering dedicated workshops and programs for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals.

If you'd be interested in participating as an individual, let us know...