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Leadership Program

Leadership isn't magic reserved solely for 'natural' leaders.
It's a set of skills and behaviors that we can help you master.

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We've compiled all the elements a manager needs to be successful in a modern organization.

Developing managers is critical because the cost of a failed manager is so high - to the organization, to the people that manager serves and to the manager themselves. Conversely, strong managers boost team performance and increase retention.

Much like engineering, design or any other discipline, people management is its own craft with its own specialized skill set.

Some places managers go off the rails:

  • They try to solve problems alone
  • They make unilateral decisions
  • They overcommit team members
  • They avoid or do a sub-par job of feedback conversations and accountability

Your job as a manager is to get the best possible outcomes from a group of people working together; to create a happy, healthy, high-performing team.

Whether you have a large team or you're making your first hire, training is critical for any management role. When selecting that training, it's important that it be tuned to your specific needs (as the variation of skill-sets and experience between groups can be considerable).

Our Program

Our program is highly customizable. Each workshop stands alone and is tailored to the group.

If there were a simple flowchart to deal with all leadership situations, we would have completely replaced leaders with software 30 years ago. Real leaders struggle to balance competing instincts, experience, values and requirements. This is why we include case studies and ethical dilemmas to draw out and learn from the nuance and complexity that comes with leadership roles.

We take a blended learning approach. In addition to workshops, we provide coaching circles, digital nudges and book-groups to provide additional growth opportunities, touch-points and foster peer accountability.

Our coaching circle sessions are lean-coffee style meetings facilitated by us. We create a safe space for the manager group to meet and talk through recent situations, workplace challenges and any other topics that will help them strengthen their people management skills. One of the core benefits of coaching circles is that the community starts to identify their collective strengths and growth areas as well as the opportunities to grow their own coaching skills. Follow the coaching circles, we often send round resources relevant to the conversation from ourselves and group members.

Our experiential approach helps to set managers up for long-term success.

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To begin, we'll meet with you to learn more about your managers and the environment they are operating in. We'll learn about the challenges you've experienced and the aspirations you have for the future. Armed with this knowledge, we'll recommend a unique blend of modules, their order of delivery and their cadence.

Managers who would benefit from additional support beyond the program are paired with a one of our leadership coaches to make sure the program ROI is maximized.


In addition to offering dedicated workshops and programs for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals.

If you'd be interested participating as an individual, let us know...

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Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin