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Leadership Program

Leadership isn't magic reserved solely for 'natural' leaders.
It's a set of skills and behaviors that we can help you master.

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The Approach

We've thrown out the rule book and created a multi-faceted program that blends training, facilitation and coaching. It's an immersive learning journey that focuses on 7 of the core leadership strengths identified by Google's Project Oxygen. Namely, a good leader...

  1. Is a good coach.
  2. Empowers the team and doesn't micromanage people.
  3. Creates an inclusive team, showing concern for everyone's success and well-being.
  4. Is productive and results-oriented.
  5. Is a good communicator - they listen and share information.
  6. Supports career development and discusses performance.
  7. Is a strong decision maker.
mike k

PeopleStorming exceeded my expectations and provided incredible value in how I approach leadership. The facilitation was fantastic, and the working frameworks were pragmatic and well-defined. The takeaways from the experience are already improving my day-to-day, and I expect them to continue to yield value for years to come.

Mike K. - Engineering Mgr - Aurora Solar

The Program

Group workshops, roundtables and personalized coaching.

5 Core Workshops

  • 10 hours of live, virtual sessions facilitated by industry experienced coaches
  • Workbooks, tools and frameworks
  • Small group exercises, whole group discussions, experiments and more
  • Option to add / swap-in Power Up workshops (list below)

5 Roundtables

  • Whole-group gatherings with pre-session prompts to generate high-quality discussion
  • Structured conversation around program topics
  • Guided peer-to-peer learning encouraging cross pollination of ideas
  • Develops a manager support network

3 Individual Coaching Sessions

  • 1 onboarding / goal setting session prior to the workshop series
  • 1 mid-way session to check-in on learning progress and debug any challenges
  • 1 future-focused session close to graduation
  • Option to extend program with 3 additional coaching sessions per person, post-graduation

Supporting Materials

  • Personalized program companion to track notes, actions and progress
  • Detailed workshop handouts
  • One page quick-references to key concepts
josh s

My experience with this Leadership Program has been truly exceptional and transformative. Their personalized approach empowered me to clearly identify and address key gaps in my leadership and personal development. The PeopleStorming team exhibited the utmost professionalism & consistently exceeded expectations throughout the entire 6-month program. I wholeheartedly recommend PeopleStorming to anyone seeking meaningful growth and development in their leadership journey.

Josh S. - People Ops Mgr - GuestReady

The Experience

As well as making and delivering high quality content, we take a lot of pride in our overall experience design and operational excellence. Services we provide as part of the program include...

  • Internal marketing materials
  • Easy enrollment
  • Onboarding materials
  • Live meet & greet pre-program
  • Self-scheduling for coaching
  • Program dashboard to review attendance and progress
  • Download program info
alexis g

This training was one of the most valuable learning opportunities I've had. Each moment was designed in such a way to be of extremely high value, and while I've gone through manager trainings previously, this one was the most impactful in challenging my assumptions and preconceived notions about serving my team and enabling their success. The program combined research with creative approaches. It was an incredible model of adaptive learning that in many ways mirrors the content being explored itself.

Alexis G. - Mgr, Customer Success - Aurora Solar

Our Leadership program is built from these individual workshops...

aliaksandr k

The program is a shortcut to engineering leadership. It helps you to understand different aspects of leadership and makes you more productive as a manager. The 1-1 sessions with Andre felt like plus one year of management experience under the belt. The handouts are also very valuable.

Aliaksandr K. - Tech Lead - Juni Technology

laura v

This is one of the most valuable training programs I've taken! It was a great change of pace and breath of fresh air in my schedule. I appreciated everything from our knowledgeable and engaging guides to the many opportunities to learn directly from my peers. I was able to immediately improve certain areas of my team management and plan to keep putting into practice many other things I learned.

Laura V. - Manager, Program Mgmt - Aurora Solar

dannika m

I highly recommend the Leadership Course. Whether you are a seasoned leader or just starting your leadership journey, this course offers a supportive, open community, tools and learning materials and insightful topics and exercises to help you become an effective and influential leader. It will be for anyone who seeks to unlock their full leadership potential. A big shout-out and thank you to our facilitator for being a fantastic coach!

Dannika M. - Snr Account Mgr - GuestReady

mariesa d

I recently completed the leadership program and highly recommend it to those looking to take their leadership skills to the next level. Our facilitator was so insightful and has a wealth of experience to share with anyone who joins his cohort. The sessions were also built out in a way to learn from a cohort of my peers as well, which I found immensely valuable as we learned from each other's experiences. I feel confident in the skills I gained and can't wait to start applying them. Thank you, PeopleStorming!

Mariesa D. - Design Mgr - Aurora Solar

kelly d

The course helped me look at how I communicate with the team completely differently. It was brilliant to talk about the issues we faced and discuss them with my management colleagues, many of us had the same problems and faced the same situations. The facilitators always had a solution or a workaround for issues we experienced within our teams and provided some great theories, tools and take-away materials that will help me lead the team in the future.

Kelly D. - Customer Support Mgr - Mybuilder

maria p

The program helped me re-think what leadership is. The sessions were engaging and thought-provoking, always allowing me to unpack fears, misconceptions and then make space to approach leadership from a fresh perspective. They facilitated such incredible sessions with content on effective leadership strategies which I then put to use right away in my daily interactions with the people I formally and informally coach. I'm excited to have walked away with concrete steps to be a better people leader in my organization.

Maria - Sales Engineering Mgr - Aurora Solar

weak manager great leader

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin