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Burnout Guide

A free, three-part guide to understanding, preventing and managing burnout

This resource is awesome! A really good guide to burnout from an employee and organisational point of view. It's different to others I've seen because it looks at 'shadow stressors' that contribute to burnout beyond just workload.

Lauren S. - Customer Success Manager - intelliHR

Why does it matter?

According to a recent Gallup study, "76% of employees experience burnout on the job at least sometimes, and 28% say they are burned out very often or always at work". The study also discovered that it was how individuals experience their workload that made the most significant impact on their wellbeing.

Burnout is more than simply stress or a bad week at work. It's not just feeling tired - sleeping doesn't solve it. Someone experiencing burnout might feel a combination of exhaustion and anxiety; a sense that they need to keep going whilst also needing to rest. Then, when they try to rest, they cannot switch off. When they try to work, they cannot focus or concentrate. Even small, simple things can seem overwhelming.

Our problems with burnout need urgent attention.

The guide includes...

  • the 4 key indicators of burnout
  • a set of powerful coaching questions
  • prevention and management tips for individuals
  • burnout-resistance questions for hiring managers and candidates