Silicon Valley, CA, USA

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Our Team



Director of Talent Development

A creative facilitator and trainer who makes extensive use of her knowledge of adult learning, psychology and play theory. A mentor and coach for people and teams with a focus on high-performance culture, communication and collaboration.

As a native of the UK, she brings an international perspective to her work and thoroughly enjoys a nice cup of tea ☕

(Pronouns: She / Her / Hers)


Leadership & Technology Coach

A seasoned and dedicated coach who draws on over fifteen years of leadership in high-performance, product-oriented technology teams. He is never happier than when helping people unlock their capabilities. He believes deeply in the ability of healthy, close-knit teams to build things of value and to derive real joy from doing so.

He also loves to geek-out about technology, psychology, philosophy and film music.

(Pronouns: He / Him / His)

PeopleStorming Values






With our combined industry experiences and expertise, we're confident that you'll feel well-supported as we help you unlock your goals.