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8 awesome, free tools to help you shine

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Personal User Manual Workbook

Do your colleagues really know you? Do they understand how you think and feel about yourself? Do they know how to best support you and what support they can expect from you? Are you truly connected to each other? Create your Personal User Manual to deepen connection.

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G.R.O.W. Coaching Questions

Kickstart your coaching practice with questions designed to help you move the conversation through the four stages of coaching (Goals, Reality, Options, Will-do).

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Powerful Question Framework

This tool will help you formulate a powerful question for a meeting or workshop where you need participants to think boldly. It can also be used to launch a coaching conversation.

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Persona Worksheet

Our take on the classic design thinking tool helps you better understand your customers, employees and candidates.

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Urgency Ranking Tool

This worksheet will help you think through how the urgency of a task/project changes over time.


IDOARRT Meeting Planning Tool

This tool ensures that every meeting is worthwhile. It's simple and easy to use right away.


Burnout Guide

A free, three-part guide to understanding, preventing and managing burnout.

fish bowl

Stinky Fish Worksheet

A great tool to identify challenges and problems at the start of any team project.