Our passion is to help you create happy, healthy and high-performing agile teams.

We help leaders, teams and individuals find ways to win together.

We'll meet you where you are, whether that's over the web or in your office space.

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We help you understand your real challenges.

We support you to collaborate effectively.

We provide tools to help you increase your impact.



Challenging and supportive coaching for professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders


Effective facilitation to help groups produce meaningful and impactful conversations


Solve complex business and culture problems through engaging, interactive training


Bringing an agile product management and service design approach to transforming your organization.


"PeopleStorming are experts in virtual workshops"

Executive Leader - Kinship


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Some of our valued partners and feedback...


I'm not sure what magic y'all brought to the table but people felt comfortable and ready to share and connect in that way that makes all the difference in the world. 

I would recommend PeopleStorming for many reasons including that the facilitators are delightful. ❤️

UX Director - Indeed

I'm particularly impressed with how versatile PeopleStorming is with regards to facilitating a wide variety of topics across multiple practice areas (e.g. marketing vs customer support). They did a great job creating an open dialog where all team members were able to share and get the most out of the time spent. Bravo to the team! We'll definitely hire you again.

CEO - Sensu

PeopleStorming provided us with a great feedback and conflict workshop. They were open, flexible, agile and the team adapted to our needs. They had great energy. I strongly recommend Rachel - she has been an incredible resource since then. Always checking in and sharing articles and resources. A great partner for HR professionals.

VP of People - StreamSets


We combine the best thinking from a raft of different fields.


Silicon Valley, CA, USA

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