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Engineer Coaching

Tailored coaching and mentorship to help you become a more decisive, knowledgeable and valuable technologist

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creative thinking

You need time to reflect. Not everything can be learned just-in-time or on-the-job.

modern life re

The mixture of hard and soft skills that would most allow you to scale your impact is often de-emphasized by your day-to-day reality.

growth curve

We'll help you carve out that mental space and explore the most challenging and essential aspects of your growth.

Our Approach

Good coaching relies on getting the fundamentals right. We never lose sight of the magic five.


Define and focus on your desired goals


Explore your situation using more beautiful questions


Brainstorm your potential courses of action


Decide on your course and develop an action plan


Execute your plan, stay accountable, reflect on learning

Our Results

Our clients build successful careers at a diverse range of organizations.

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namibia t

Extremely knowledgeable about leadership, people development, and interviewing for software engineering roles. I gained an incredible amount of valuable information that will help me succeed. I would definitely turn to PeopleStorming again for their expertise and coaching.

Namibia T. - Engineering Manager

josh b

I reached out to Andre seeking career advice and a mentor, and he did not disappoint! He really cared about my story and my interests, and demonstrated this with excellent listening and by asking great questions. Andre spoke from the heart as he shared his perspective, offered advice, and provided useful resources.

After our sessions, I feel heard, supported, inspired, and well-resourced. I highly recommend him.

Joshua B. - Engineering Lead - Mindshow

david d

I've had numerous workplace mentors before but Andre was truly a professional. It was obvious he not only has a deep understanding of workplace dynamics and human psychology but the ability to identify areas where you specifically could learn more about yourself in a manner that helps make you a more effective member of your business.

David D. - Senior Frontend Engineer - Pinwheel

nico d

Incredibly productive coaching. Andre was thoughtful, well spoken, and economic with his words. The amount of actionable information I received in each session was astounding.

Nico D. - Software Engineer - Dropbox

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Engineering is achieving function while avoiding failure.

Henry Petroski

Your Challenges

We coach clients through a broad range of challenges.

Personal Challenges

  • Imposter syndrome and confidence
  • Working relationship difficulties
  • Too many meetings
  • Communicating effectively
  • Too much context switching
  • Feeling lonely or unsupported
  • Performance review problems
  • Prioritizing your time
  • Difficult feedback
  • Coping with overload or burnout
  • Lacking creativity

Role Challenges

  • Encouraging end-to-end thinking
  • Championing quality
  • Establishing processes
  • Leading technical decision-making and getting buy-in
  • Learning a new piece of technology
  • Starting to lead teams
  • Technical interviewing / recruiting
  • Changing roles or industries
  • Difficulties working with your manager

Team Challenges

  • Collaborating in a remote first world
  • Lacking mission clarity
  • Working across cultural differences
  • Wrestling with making / hitting deadlines

Our Tools And Methods

We combine research-backed, proven and effective tools, models and methods to support you in almost any work-related circumstance.

Career Tools

  • Professional self-branding
  • Resume review and overhaul
  • Offer negotiation
  • Values assessment
  • Goal setting
  • 30-60-90 on-boarding planning
  • Personal development plans

Leadership Growth

  • Building a technical community
  • Prioritization methods
  • Making more confident decisions
  • Increasing your presence and influence
  • Conflict management skills
  • Facilitation skills


  • Giving and receiving better feedback
  • Empathy and listening tools
  • Reducing context switching
  • Creating more focus and flow
  • Setting boundaries
  • Building self-care as a habit
  • Bringing play and creativity into your approach
  • Time auditing
  • Managing impostor syndrome

Craft Tools

  • Reducing WIP
  • Product and tech alignment tooling
  • Agile methods and rituals
  • OKRs and KPIs
  • Crafting valuable internal RFCs
  • Tech debt management

Coach Spotlight: Andre

Book a call with Andre

A seasoned and dedicated coach who draws on over 20 years of leadership in high-performance, product-oriented technology teams. He got his start as a software developer at an ISP, where he turned his experiences into a technology book.

He was the Director of Engineering for a 400-person engineering team at Riot Games, a core systems team at Facebook, and an advertising product group at LinkedIn. In those roles he led product engineering across many domains and gained deep experience with growing leaders, designing cross-functional organizations, managing performance, scaling development processes, and leading product and technology strategies.

It is this experience that allows Andre to build deep empathy with new and seasoned professionals alike. He's taken the journey they're on and is never happier than when helping them get to their destination.