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Challenging and supportive coaching for professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders

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Every career is like a journey - there are high points to celebrate and low points, with obstacles to overcome.

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Working with a coach is a great, low-stakes way to explore and experiment with different ideas for your career based challenges. Every coaching session is an opportunity to discover more about yourself.

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You and your situation are unique. You need someone who'll listen to the details and support you to come up with strategies that work for you. Your coach keeps you accountable to giving your career the time and attention it deserves.

Every famous athlete, every famous performer has somebody who's a coach.

A coach really, really helps.

Eric Schmidt - Former CEO of Google

Your Challenges

We coach clients through a broad range of challenges.

Role Challenges

Finding your purpose, new roles, interview prep, offer negotiation.

Personal Challenges

Impostor syndrome, confidence, communication.

Team Challenges

Mission leadership, conflict management, creativity, manager skills.

Other Challenges

Ownership, hiring, on-boarding, effective meetings, relocation.

Who We Serve

Our coachees come from all industries and roles.

With our combined experiences and backgrounds, we are particularly effective at supporting people in tech based organizations.

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"Supporting your team to row in the same direction is more important than optimizing for how fast you can row"

Coaching is proven to deliver faster onboarding, faster leadership development and higher EQ. New managers benefit significantly from coaching when developing leadership skills and avoid common pitfalls when entering their new role.

We'll support you to listen better, notice more and spot patterns. You'll become the best servant leader you can be.

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Product & Program Geeks

"Striving constantly to make the world better for everyone - this is what it truly means to steward the why and the how"

Organizations are expecting more and more from their Product & Program Managers.

We'll utilize product management tools, skills and models; framing your career itself as a product.

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Tech Geeks

"Engineering is achieving function while avoiding failure"

You need time to reflect. Not everything can be learned just-in-time or on-the-job.

The mixture of hard and soft skills that would most allow you to scale your impact is often de-emphasized by your day-to-day reality.

We'll help you carve out that mental space and explore the most challenging and essential aspects of your growth.

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People Geeks

"Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first"

Your work in building healthy cultures and great work experiences is more important than ever before.

Your teams need to embrace design-thinking and product management approaches so that they can put their customers at the heart of what they do.

We'll ensure that you can listen more deeply, empathize more, iterate faster and build strong relationships with your customers.

Our Approach

Good coaching relies on getting the fundamentals right. We never lose sight of the magic three.


Active and deep listening. Not only to what is said, but also to what isn't.

Questioning & Reflecting

More beautiful questions. Answers reframed. Perspectives shifted.


Ensuring you meet the commitments you make to yourself.

Our Tools And Methods

We combine research-backed, proven and effective tools, models and methods to support you in almost any work-related circumstance.

Career Tools

Things to help you navigate a path through the modern recruiting world.


Things you need to grow as a valuable, confident, competent professional.

Leadership Growth

Things you need in order to grow into an agile servant-leader.

Craft Tools

Tools that make you more efficient, more effective and bring more value to your work.

Our Results

Our clients build successful careers at a diverse range of organizations.

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Rachel and Andre coached me from an undesirable, draining work situation to a Senior Product Manager role at my dream company.

They were my go-to resources for a range of challenges. From advising me through tough management conversations, to reviewing my resume, to running through mock product and engineering interviews, they coached me through it all.

They supported me whilst also challenging me when needed, ensuring that I stayed focused and confident. I could not recommend Rachel and Andre more highly!

Cam - Senior Product Manager - Google

mallory v

Rachel has been my coach for several months and my coaching sessions have been worth every penny.

I recently decided to transition into product management and she's provided me with the structure I need to level up my product skills and build more confidence.

We've experimented with many exercises (e.g., storytelling, assessing my strategy and communication skills, coaching through work situations) and I end every session feeling energized with a game plan.

I just signed an offer for a new Product role and I couldn't have done it without Rachel's help!

Mallory V. - Product Management - Zeus

jim m

After my first conversation with Andre it became quickly clear that he knew what he was talking about and his help would be well worth the investment.

Working with my PeopleStorming coach has been fantastic. He's an open listener. He provides good feedback that's both strategic and tactical.

The top three benefits of working with Andre have been: better managing my career expectations, learning to adapt to change and knowing how to manage priorities in a stressful work environment.

If you're looking to figure out the best ways to manage your career I would definitely talk to PeopleStorming.

Jim M. - Sales Director - Google

caylee b

In our first call I could tell that Andre's way of working and his background in tech meant we could jump right into the problems I was facing. We were able to start to evolve my thinking right away.

I was impressed with Andre's ability to either quickly understand the situation I was in, possibly pulling from his own background, or to operate conceptually enough that he didn't need to slow down to understand the details of my role.

He pulls from extensive management experience and has a toolbox full of frameworks and exercises to help you better understand your situation.

He pushes you to think differently; to step away from your problem and either address a higher level need that you're not seeing yourself, or come at the problem from a different angle. In the end, you're in the driver's seat but he's expertly helping to navigate.

Caylee B. - Product Design Manager - Facebook

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