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Fix Your Meetings Workshop

We'll help you turn your meetings into a valuable use of everyone's time and energy.

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As a society, we have 11 million meetings a day. Of these meetings, around half are unproductive, costing $37bn a year.

Meetings are frequently ruined by a lack of planning, focus, engagement, healthy debate and follow-up.

Facilitation is the art of productive dialog and, with these problems in mind, has never been more important.

Most organizations bias towards collaboration via discussion; a fact that leads to the creation of a lot of meetings. What happens in those meetings is a direct reflection of the leadership and culture of your organization.

This is a focused slice of our main facilitation workshop where we look at getting people to think more deeply about the value of gathering groups together and how to make best use of their time.

It takes the common starting place for a meeting ("we need to discuss something") and expands it out with a thoughtful, deliberate approach that ensures participants have the best possible version of their conversation.

In this workshop, we'll explore...

  • Deciding whether / when to meet
  • The N types of meetings and the "5Ps" framework
  • Identifying and working with stakeholders
  • Identifying and assigning meeting roles
  • Observing and responding to group dynamics
  • Meeting participant archetypes
  • Identifying and managing harmful behaviors
  • Capturing and harvesting - visual facilitation tricks
  • Accountability / alignment-building and decision making
heather g

I attended your training on how to turn useless meetings into effective collaboration and LOVED it! Your training was hands down one of the most valuable workshops I have attended to date.

Heather G. - Senior Director Product Management - Workday

In addition to offering dedicated workshops and programs for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals.

If you'd be interested in participating as an individual, let us know...