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We'll equip you to drive your organization towards leaner and more effective meetings

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What happens in meetings serves as a barometer of a company's leadership, strategy, and culture - so what do your meetings say about your company?

Teams frequently over-rely on meetings as their primary collaboration tool for want of a better standard for judging when something should be a meeting. Compounding this problem, the meetings that should be a good use of time are often frequently ruined by a lack of planning, design and focus. 

We'll help you identify your most valuable meetings, allowing you to clear the decks of low-impact gatherings. We'll help you design focused meetings with clear outcomes. We'll help you lead productive, engaging, inclusive meetings that surface the best possible version of the conversation.

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The Workshop

Our workshop is composed of three core sections to help you select, design and deliver effective meetings. It includes a comprehensive set of custom-built workbooks and tools to help support ongoing changes. It concludes with a group working session to map out the biggest challenges / opportunities around meetings in your organization. You'll work together to formulate action plans to address those areas.

The workshop is particularly suited to professionals in positions where leading gatherings, workshops or meetings is a critical part of their role. More broadly, it's also proven valuable for anyone who is eager to expand their facilitation skill-set (project managers, product managers, L&D professionals etc).

Deliberately Selected Meetings

We often reach for meetings too quickly out of habit. They feel like the easiest way to collaborate and yet the proliferation of meetings in companies can bring progress to a standstill. We'll help you and your team be more deliberate and careful about choosing when to gather.

Thoughtfully Designed Meetings

Assuming you do everything you can to scale back the meeting load in the company, you're still going to be left with some meetings that are valuable. How do you make them as effective as possible? We'll help you go from theories and creative ideas to practical, effective action plans.

Skillfully Delivered Meetings

Once you've deliberately selected and thoughtfully designed your meetings, you need to make sure the delivery is inclusive and on-point; providing great collaboration opportunities and hitting outcomes. Importantly, you need to know how to navigate effectively when things go off track. We'll help you bring your A-game.

patrick b

This course is a must! It helped us gain clarity into why we are meeting, the purpose, and the HOW. I enjoyed the identification of who we need in meetings and the model for tracking the flow of conversations to net out to a common goal. I realize now that recurring meetings do not work and that we need to identify the most important stakeholders.

Patrick B. - Head of Talent Acquisition - Striking Distance Studios

gary f

There were many fresh perspectives on what the perennial meeting pain points are that people experience. I particularly liked the meeting agendas and encouraging participation and feedback. I thought the tech platform PeopleStorming use for the workshop was great - it invited a lot of interaction.

Gary F. - Senior Marketing Manager - StreamSets

omer k

The training was informative and very well organized. The discussions around when something should be a meeting and the cost of a meeting versus the alternatives were the most impactful for me. The training will really help your company become more self-aware about meetings.

Omer K. - Engineering Manager - Upsolver


In addition to offering dedicated workshops and programs for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals.

If you'd be interested in participating as an individual, let us know...

Simple shifts in our routine patterns of interaction make it possible for everyone to be included, engaged, and unleashed in solving problems, driving innovation, and achieving extraordinary outcomes

Henry Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless