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Product Management Coaching

Tailored coaching and mentorship to support new, growing and established product managers

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stand out

Organizations are expecting more and more from their Product Managers. You'll need a large suite of skills and qualities to stand out from the crowd.

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Throughout our coaching relationship, we'll utilize product management tools, skills and models with the framing of your career as the product.

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You'll have the opportunity to learn new things, practice using existing knowledge and be the PM of your own life.

Our Approach

Good coaching relies on getting the fundamentals right. We never lose sight of the magic five.


Define and focus on your desired goals


Explore your situation using more beautiful questions


Brainstorm your potential courses of action


Decide on your course and develop an action plan


Execute your plan, stay accountable, reflect on learning

Our Results

Our clients build successful careers at a diverse range of organizations.

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evan s

My time working with Andre was an absolute Joy. He really helped me get through the ups and downs of what was a very challenging couple of months in my career.

We would often end a session with a very actionable, straightforward set of things that I could do before the subsequent session. That was excellent and had a very real impact on the quality of my work.

He helped me stay focused on what I love about product work by balancing concrete, highly applicable strategies with healthy introspection.

I would strongly recommend PeopleStorming's coaching service to anyone who's looking to improve their performance. Our work together was joyful, interesting, intriguing and always made space for reflection while helping me keep my eyes on the prize.

Evan S. - Senior Product Manager - TaskRabbit

mallory v

PeopleStorming were my coaching resource for several months and my coaching sessions have been worth every penny.

I recently decided to transition into product management and my coach provided me with the structure I need to level up my product skills and build more confidence.

We've experimented with many exercises (e.g., storytelling, assessing my strategy and communication skills, coaching through work situations) and I end every session feeling energized with a game plan.

I just signed an offer for a new Product role and I couldn't have done it without their help!

Mallory V. - Product Management - Zeus

caylee b

In our first call I could tell that Andre's way of working and his background in tech meant we could jump right into the problems I was facing. We were able to start to evolve my thinking right away.

I was impressed with Andre's ability to either quickly understand the situation I was in, possibly pulling from his own background, or to operate conceptually enough that he didn't need to slow down to understand the details of my role.

He pulls from extensive management experience and has a toolbox full of frameworks and exercises to help you better understand your situation.

He pushes you to think differently; to step away from your problem and either address a higher level need that you're not seeing yourself, or come at the problem from a different angle. In the end, you're in the driver's seat but he's expertly helping to navigate.

Caylee B. - Facebook

jim m

After my first conversation with Andre it became quickly clear that he knew what he was talking about and his help would be well worth the investment.

Working with my PeopleStorming coach has been fantastic. He's an open listener. He provides good feedback that's both strategic and tactical.

The top three benefits of working with Andre have been: better managing my career expectations, learning to adapt to change and knowing how to manage priorities in a stressful work environment.

If you're looking to figure out the best ways to manage your career I would definitely talk to PeopleStorming.

Jim M. - Google

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Striving constantly to make the world better for everyone - this is what it truly means to steward the why and the how.


Your Challenges

We coach clients through a broad range of challenges.

Personal Challenges

  • Imposter syndrome and confidence
  • Working relationship difficulties
  • Difficulties working with engineers or designers
  • Becoming a PM thought leader
  • Too many meetings
  • Communicating effectively
  • Too much context switching
  • Feeling lonely or unsupported
  • Performance review problems
  • Prioritizing your time
  • Difficult feedback
  • Coping with overload or burnout
  • Lacking creativity

Team Challenges

  • Building team alignment
  • Burned out team
  • Collaborating in a remote first world
  • Problems with ownership and accountability
  • Lacking mission clarity
  • Coaching skills
  • Working across cultural differences
  • Wrestling with making / hitting deadlines
  • Growing a PM discipline / department

Role Challenges

  • Getting on a path towards PM
  • Starting out as a PM
  • Defining your role
  • Establishing processes
  • Starting to lead teams
  • Lack of tooling
  • Growing a PM peer and mentor network
  • Making trade-offs and difficult decisions
  • First time manager
  • Difficulties working with your manager
  • Moving into a PM role
  • Product leadership
  • PM interviews

Our Tools And Methods

We combine research-backed, proven and effective tools, models and methods to support you in almost any work-related circumstance.

Career Tools

  • Professional self-branding
  • PM interview preparation
  • Articulating your value
  • Resume review and overhaul
  • Offer negotiation
  • Values assessment
  • Effective 1-on-1s
  • Goal setting
  • 30-60-90 on-boarding planning
  • Interview prep and practice
  • PM skills and traits assessments
  • Personal development plans
  • Role definition

Craft Tools

  • Crafting powerful questions
  • Crafting and communicating roadmaps
  • Building product canvases
  • Reducing WIP
  • Product and tech alignment tooling
  • Crafting a compelling narrative / storytelling
  • Agile methods and rituals
  • Building MCDAs for effective decision making
  • OKRs and KPIs
  • Tech debt management
  • Strategic planning
  • Quarterly planning


  • Giving and receiving better feedback
  • Empathy and listening tools
  • Reducing context switching
  • Creating more focus and flow
  • Setting boundaries
  • Building self-care as a habit
  • Bringing play and creativity into your approach
  • Time auditing
  • Managing impostor syndrome

Leadership Growth

  • Prioritization methods
  • Making more confident decisions
  • Developing your leadership voice
  • Increasing your presence and influence
  • Writing vision statements
  • Building trust
  • Conflict management skills
  • Facilitation skills

Coach Spotlight: Andre

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A seasoned and dedicated coach who draws on over 20 years of leadership in high-performance, product-oriented technology teams. He got his start as a software developer at an ISP, where he turned his experiences into a technology book.

He was the Director of Engineering for a 400-person engineering team at Riot Games, a core systems team at Facebook, and an advertising product group at LinkedIn. In those roles he led product engineering across many domains and gained deep experience with growing leaders, designing cross-functional organizations, managing performance, scaling development processes, and leading product and technology strategies.

It is this experience that allows Andre to build deep empathy with new and seasoned professionals alike. He's taken the journey they're on and is never happier than when helping them get to their destination.