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Effective 1-on-1s Workshop

We'll help you have meaningful growth conversations so that you can accelerate both your career and the growth of your team.

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This workshop is part of our Leadership program. It can also be taken stand-alone.

Developing your relationship and communication with your team is the best possible use of your time. 1-on-1s are a core foundation of relationship building in the workplace.

The ideal 1-on-1 should leave the other person feeling that it was valuable. If the conversation isn't a little bit challenging at times, value is being left on the table.

Through the tools in this workshop, we will help you create 1-on-1s that are efficient, impactful and enjoyable for both manager and team member.

In this workshop, you will...  

  • Learn key principles to help you deliver the best from your 1-on-1s
  • Understand the types of 1-on-1s and how often they should occur
  • Learn how to design and construct a 1-on-1 that makes the most of your time
  • Achieve greater clarity around the accountabilities of both coach and coachee
  • Explore and discuss common challenges that happen in 1-on-1s
  • Receive practical advice on how to deal with some of the messy overlaps between coaching, counseling and conflict

Participants of this workshop also receive our guide to Agile Development Plans. It's a lean, highly-focused growth plan that drives daily action. This tool can be used for their own plans and to support the development of plans for their team.

irene v

This workshop was very practical, fun, with easy-to-use frameworks and great trainers. It was set up for discussing things in small groups. Hearing how others are doing things was really helpful, maybe even more helpful.

The things I most valued were learning about the different things you can discuss during your 1-on-1s and how to focus the conversations. Also the growth plan idea, discussing it not only during the mid and end year review but also during 1-on-1s is something I will try to implement.

You might think it's basic (having 1-on-1s) but it's something we do without much thought and having guidance on it adds a lot of value.

Irene V. - HR Director - Newzoo B.V.

emily s

I felt very engaged throughout the training with lots of clear and tangible things to bring in. Both to start to change my 1-on-1s and to think about in the big picture for how I want them to look in 6 months or more.

Learning about the true purpose and value of 1-on-1s was a big shocker. The client-created agendas are also a clear improvement I can make right away.

This is certainly the most actionable workshop I've been in in quite a while and I feel like, despite being 3 hours, I was desperate to be as engaged as possible because I was getting so much from it.

Emily S. - Client Success Director - Newzoo B.V.

jessica n

This was the best training experience for 1:1s. There is so much info out there. This helped bring it all together, coherently. It covered topics extremely well, at a good pace and the interactive exercises were helpful for learning The vulnerability discussion was validating. The accountability lists and growth plan will be super helpful for my team.

The course was entertaining as well as informative. I expected 2 hours of rules and role-playing and it was completely different and I loved it so much! Can you run all of our leadership sessions???

Jessica N. - Head of Proposals - EmpiRx Health


In addition to offering dedicated workshops and programs for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals.

If you'd be interested in participating as an individual, let us know...