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Conflict Skills Workshop

We'll help you understand the conversational dynamics that can lead to conflict and how to resolve it in a healthy way.

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Conflict, whether personal or professional, happens when there are mismatched expectations. Sometimes that works out fine, other times not so much.

It's amplified by the conflicting party's sense of consequences. The higher the stakes, the quicker it ramps up (and the further it goes).

Unfortunately, most workplace conflict tends to be unhealthy. It often arises when people forget to attack problems rather than each other. It gets even worse when it's allowed to simmer away in the background without being addressed.

Our workshop leverages principles from Non-Violent Communication to help teams become more comfortable in challenging situations. We'll explore how to approach conflict with empathy and understanding, focusing on addressing the root cause of the issue, not assigning blame.

We'll help you understand when healthy conflict tips over to unhealthy, when it stops becoming a feature of interesting work and becomes a bug that needs resolving.

In this workshop, you will...

  • Learn key definitions to help distinguish the type of conflict you're experiencing
  • Explore the symptoms that can indicate there may be troubled waters ahead
  • Dive deeply into a case study of a real-life workplace conflict using a mixture of small group breakouts and whole group discussion
  • Learn 12 essential tools for managing conflict - as illustrated through the case study
  • Discuss the systemic issues that can fuel conflict
  • Receive group coaching on your specific challenges around the topic
  • Leave the session with immediately actionable strategies for supporting your team with conflict situations

This topic pairs well with our Feedback Workshop. With both of these trainings completed, your team will truly be equipped for navigating the complexities of the modern workplace.

omri g

This workshop will help you review the conflict resolution skills you think you know, in order to discover new gems & refine your knowledge of how to apply them.

The breakouts were surprisingly useful – because often they're a confusing waste and people just chat about nothing. The case study transcripts were more nuanced than I expected (not to mention tailored to our audience), and elicited layers of realization and discussion.

The coaches solicited solid interaction, kept the flow going, checked in along the way to see that people were engaged and getting value – overall, excellently produced and ran!

Omri G. - Product Leader - ActivTrak

akinyi o

This excellent training will improve your confidence and prepare you to navigate even the trickiest workplace dynamics. I think it will help you approach your interactions with intentionality and help you achieve your core objectives. Good cadence - easy to follow. Putting things into action during the session made it easier to see how I could practically apply the tools.

Akinyi O. - Marketing Lead - Nova Credit

male avatar

This workshop offers fun and interesting ways of viewing and handling conflicts coupled with real-world scenarios and exercises that can stretch your current thinking about conflict resolution. I enjoyed the relatable flow of the content. Being able to visualize and talk through the scenarios made it easier to adopt than to just read the content. I also enjoyed the individual breakout sessions as it gave me the opportunity to express and to hear other views on how others see what causes and different ways to resolve conflict.

Cory M. - QA Manager - ActivTrak


In addition to offering dedicated workshops and programs for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals.

If you'd be interested in participating as an individual, let us know...