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Conflict & Negotiation Workshop

We'll help you understand the conversational dynamics that can lead to conflict. You'll learn to negotiate for important outcomes.

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Conflict is a feature, not a bug. In other words, it's a normal and healthy part of work life. But very few of us treat it that way.

We forget to separate people from problems and we sometimes make it personal. We can also get trapped in conflict-reaction cycles.

Negotiation is a fundamental part of the fabric of our daily lives. Often we aren't consciously aware of it but, without it teams can struggle with self-organization, adaptability and autonomy.

To negotiate effectively is to reach agreements that both achieve your objectives and strengthen your relationships in the process.

Whether you're negotiating which feature to build next, a change of role / salary or even something small like where your team will eat lunch, you'll find clear value in the skills bolstered by this workshop.

In this 2-part workshop, you will...

  • Learn how to identify the underlying reason for the conflict
  • Learn how to reframe the way you see others' points of view during conflicts in order to get to a resolution faster and more effectively.
  • Effectively utilize discovery-based questioning, non-judgmental listening and respectful assertion when working with conflict.
  • Apply a simple, powerful process to work productively through conflict situations.
  • Understand the conversational dynamics of negotiation.
  • Learn how to prepare for uncertainty.
  • Examine the role emotions play in negotiation and bargaining.
  • Practice a tool that fosters agreement quickly.
  • Explore the ability to think on your feet and ways to improve agility.
  • Practice resolving small differences before they escalate.
  • Reflect on your behaviors in negotiation situations.
  • Complete a negotiation canvas for an upcoming negotiation.

The topics of feedback, conflict and negotiation are closely tied so we're keen to learn more about your organization and the challenges you've seen. Then we can make a recommendation on which workshop will help you most (and any customization that may be needed).

jessica po

I really enjoyed the retreat programming. In particular, the work we did around conflict modes was great. I believe we will communicate better as a consequence of learning about each others styles. I definitely learned how to face conflict diplomatically. Excellent workshop.

Jessica P. - Operations Manager - Machina Labs

akinyi o

This excellent training will prepare you to reach your goals more effectively and improve your confidence navigating even the trickiest workplace dynamics. I think it will help you approach your interactions with intentionality and help you achieve your core objectives.

Excellent A/V. Good cadence - easy to follow. Very friendly facilitators. Putting things in practice made it easier to see how I could practically apply things.

Akinyi O. - Marketing Lead - Nova Credit

female avatar

Great workshop series. I'll be using the negotiation tactics in my meetings.

There were plenty of opportunities to practice with peers (paired randomly). It was smoothly run & facilitators were professional + comfortable with zoom.

JT W. - Software Engineer - Nova Credit


In addition to offering dedicated workshops and programs for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals.

If you'd be interested in participating as an individual, let us know...