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Creative Problem Solving Workshop

We'll design a session that enables your team to solve interesting, complex and challenging problems together in a fun way.

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Problem-solving is something we all do every day. We get so used to it that we often forget the myriad of methods at our disposal for creative problem-solving.

In this workshop, we'll design and facilitate an engaging, creative process for tackling any kind of team problem; from deep, systematic issues to people- and product-related challenges and more.

We'll help you explore, play, share, and refine your ideas. Depending on your needs, we'll also help you determine how best to manage and socialize your solutions.

We have several styles and formats that our clients love and we can always create something fresh for you. It's all about choosing the right tools for the group and challenge at hand and that's our specialty.

A couple of our popular formats for problem-solving include...

A Vision of the Future

Using our custom-designed digital whiteboard experience, cross-functional teams come together to examine the past, present and future of their work / domain / industry. Choose this format to explore possibilities for the future, identifying trends and conclude with well-rounded, feasible action items that can be set in motion right away.

The Wizards Journey

We take inspiration from Liberating Structures and combine it with our own creative sprinkles to create a format that has cross-functional teams ideating, capturing and sharing in a unique, fun and highly engaging way. This one is always a hit with teams. Choose this format to get breadth of sharing and feedback from a larger group.

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christy p

The future-visioning exercise was great. It was planned out really well and it was cool to use the new tools you introduced us to. In fact, when we were doing the activities, there were side-Slacks with the other leaders saying "we should look into some of these tools for better brainstorming etc".

Christy P. - Creative Director - Movement Strategy

michael d

This was a great experience, allowing those of us across teams and departments to come together and problem solve. Working with those outside of our typical circle inspires thinking differently. Plus it's a great way to get to know your broader team. The facilitators had good energy, they made it fun and kept us engaged.

Michael D. - Director QA - Whistle

lyza f

You facilitated short exercises that were not only fun, but also tested my mental agility and adaptability.

Thank you for facilitating my team's growth in such a safe environment - keep doing what you do; it's changing lives.

Lyza F. - Development - Disney

jay g

It was nice to start by sharing about yourself to someone new and then dive into the challenge and solutions once we felt like we were all better connected.

It was interactive, collaborative and constructive. And it was fun and not boring like a lot of these types of workshops can be!

We have specific and realistic ideas that we can begin to implement immediately. Thank you!

Jay G. - VP Software Engineering - Whistle


In addition to offering dedicated workshops and programs for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals.

If you'd be interested in participating as an individual, let us know...