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Create User Manuals Workshop

We'll help your team connect through play and structured conversation with a meaningful, tangible output

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Our Team User Manual workshop upgrades the standard networking/team building formula by structuring the entire event around building Personal User Manuals through group conversation.

With this shared challenge in mind, thoughtful questions drive conversations that are instantly more relevant and the discussions more animated than the average virtual gathering. The session is fun, engaging and leaves everyone with a tangible, enduringly valuable output.

Personal User Manuals provide a lot of value because they are designed to 'lay your cards on the table'. Building them relies on authenticity and vulnerability - naturally fostering trust and understanding between teammates. They also act as fantastic on-boarding tools for new members of the team.

In this workshop, we will...

  • Set the context and the stage for making connections through the creation of Personal User Manuals
  • Raise your energy and connection with a couple of our specially-designed games
  • Facilitate small group conversations around structured questions leading to the creation of a Personal User Manual for each team member by the end of the session
  • Focus on helping the group to make authentic, deeper connections to one another (using the Personal User Manual as a vehicle)
  • Conclude with an appreciation-based sharing activity

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sarah r

The workshop was highly interactive for the entire group of attendees - which was great for such a large group. Nice to get the creative juices flowing. I liked the group activities - like making the shapes in Mural. You guys did a great job facilitating and creating interactive activities.

Sarah R. - VP Sales & New Business - Andela

allie k

I loved the personal user manual you created for the workshop. It made me think about how I like to exist in my days but in a fun/social way.

Allie K. - Director, Sales Talent Acquisition - Peloton

michael g

I really liked the Personal User Manuals exercise and I thought the facilitators were great. The breakout room sessions were fantastic.

Michael G. - VP, Global Total Rewards - Peloton

sarah c

I enjoyed the workshop. It was high energy and fun. A good way for people to meet other people and self-reflect. I would work with PeopleStorming again.

Sarah C. - Senior Director, People - Andela


In addition to offering dedicated workshops and programs for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals.

If you'd be interested in participating as an individual, let us know...