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Boosting Creativity & Innovation Workshop

We'll bring together tools, methods and techniques from diverse sources to unleash your teams creative power.

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The future is a constantly unfolding set of possibilities. The truly great advances in that future will be made by those who can make wild connections. Only minds that know how to play will do that.

We offer a pair of workshops designed to foster experimentation and expression in any team that wants to lean in and be creative. They are complementary and are often requested back-to-back by teams we work with.

Our Boosting Creativity & Innovation workshop focuses on tools that create the right mental states to draw out (and amplify) illusive ideas.

In this workshop, you will...

  • Experience exercises that reconnect you to your innate creativity and curiosity.
  • Discover new sources of inspiration.
  • Play with fun, effective & inclusive ideation processes.
  • Increase your team and organization's capacity for innovation by creating a culture of experimentation.
  • Practice coaching for creativity.
  • Learn how to reframe anything.
  • Learn about divergent and convergent thinking.
  • Play with being a different persona / wearing a different hat.
  • Play with empathy as a tool for understanding your audience's wants and needs.
  • Play with your team's vision of the future.
  • Leave with a ton of fresh ideas.
mai k

I learned to actively listen and build on the ideas of others, and while it is indeed intimidating to run in the playground of uncertainty, I always had a blast with these workshops and thank PeopleStorming for helping me grow in confidence and creativity. I feel that they truly care about growing people.

Mai K. - Writer - Riot Games

sarah r

The workshop was highly interactive for the entire group of attendees - which was great for such a large group. Nice to get the creative juices flowing. I liked the group activities - like making the shapes in Mural. You guys did a great job facilitating and creating interactive activities.

Sarah R. - VP Sales & New Business - Andela

shola o

I learnt about really listening to others to cue my responses. I learnt about speaking as a team. I learnt how to use the "yes and phrase". Which I love! The session would best be described as really exciting learning in a totally fun manner.

Shola O. - Director Of Legal Operations - Andela

In addition to offering dedicated workshops and programs for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals.

If you'd be interested in participating as an individual, let us know...

97% of CEO's see innovation as a top priority and value for their organization.

Public Study, PWC - 2017