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What's on your mind?

These are some of the problems we've seen in our work with teams and organizations. Have a wander through and see what resonates for you. Each problem is linked to a corresponding service that is designed to address it.


The following challenges are both common and thorny.
They are best addressed with our comprehensive programs, which combine several of our workshops.

Inexperienced managers?

Employee experience gaps?

Team lacks clarity?



Problems affecting team health


Management Tools

  • Rolling out a complex change?

  • Decision paralysis?

  • Misaligned on roles?

  • Team / org missing deadlines?

  • Unclear accountability or ownership?

  • Leader's thinking unclear?

  • Stakeholders challenges?

Facilitation & Coaching


Problems affecting team happiness


High Performing

Problems affecting team performance


Impactful Communication

Product Management

  • Product managers lack technical expertise?

  • Inexperienced product managers?

Core Skills

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