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People need to be seen, heard and empowered in order to do their best work.


Employee Experience

Employee experience is made up of the things people encounter, observe and feel over the course of their career journey at a particular organization.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement explores the levels of passion and connection people have with their organization. It's a measure of how motivated people are to put in effort and a sign of how committed they are to staying there.


Employee Experience Design

Employee experience design strives to humanize the corporate experience. It seeks deep understanding of individuals’ priorities and to deliver on their needs over time. It fosters authentic expression and conversation so people feel physically, emotionally and psychologically safe.


A focus on experience design cultivates experiences that people want to share. Their stories become part of the overall cultural history of the company and often emerge as some of the key things the organization is known for internally and externally. Over time, these great experiences drive a culture of strong engagement, innovation, productivity, retention and talent attraction.


Bain & Co conducted research with 362 firms and found that only 8% were really delivering superior experience to customers - even though 80% believed they were.

All 8% of the companies who delivered superior experience focused on extensive customer interactions. This included focus groups, interviews and observation - leading to deep insights.


Understanding, exploring and designing the employee experience can be a complex task because it involves bringing together many different people and perspectives from across a company.

We bring talent (HR) domain knowledge, design-thinking and facilitation expertise together with a Product Management mindset to transform your organization.

We have three key approaches to conducting effective, qualitative research...

Young Women Brainstorming


Observational Studies

Observational Studies

Study Group on the Grass

Focus Groups


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