Employee Experience Design Program

Organizations who focus on culture and experience will be the ones to realize their fullest potential. A myriad of research shows that a thoughtful employee experience can increase retention, improve customer experience, boost sales and revenue.

We bring talent (HR) domain knowledge, design-thinking and facilitation expertise together with a product mindset to help you transform your employee value proposition.


To create a sustainable, world-class CX, an organization must first great a sustainable, world-class EX.

The EX is the sum of perceptions people have about their interactions with the organization in which they work.

You want your organization to thrive and flourish. You want your people to be more than just satisfied, you want them to be happy and to stick around.

In this program, we’ll show you how to use state-of-the-art Design Thinking (blending process improvement and experience design) to create a work environment in which your people do their best work and find deep meaning.

With the changes to the world of work that occurred early in 2020, now is a critical moment to address this.

We’ll use powerful tools like Experience Mapping and Blueprinting to identify, capture, understand and communicate the interactions that make up your peoples’ experiences.

The program itself takes you on a journey…

  1. We’ll kick off with creativity and problem solving exercises to prime your brain for what’s to come.

  2. Then we’ll move into some Design Thinking fundamentals so you’ll have the context you need for the tools we’ll be using.

  3. Then we’ll use a blend of Blueprinting and Journey Mapping to identify opportunities.

  4. We’ll do a design dash - where we spend the day ideating, researching, prototyping and testing solutions.

  5. Lastly, we’ll do some lightweight prioritization and planning so you’ll leave with the first iteration of a roadmap to move forward with.

As a result, you will...

  • Internalize the concept of treating an employee as a customer.

  • Design and create personas for your organization.

  • Learn how to use mapping and visualizations to convey information and build shared vision.

  • Create an employee or candidate experience Journey Map / Blueprint.

  • Create a roadmap of prioritized steps to improving your employee or candidate experience.

The types of problems you’ll solve might include...

  • How you can make the candidate waiting time shorter.

  • How to build a wellness program to meet real needs.

  • How to create a powerful alumni network.

  • How to increase referrals.

  • Anything that involves people experience!


A 2016 human capital trend survey found that respondents at companies where HR delivers the highest levels of value are almost five times more likely to be using design thinking to produce programs than their peers.



What is design thinking?

Design Thinking is a set of processes, methods and tools for creating human-centered products, services, solutions, and experiences.

At the heart of Design Thinking is a deep connection to the person who’ll be using or consuming the end product.​

Design Thinking methods tend to produce more innovative, sustainable, sticky solutions. Its successful application relies on some fundamental requirements...

  • You have to encourage divergent thinking.

  • You have to be comfortable taking a less direct route to a solution.

  • You have to be comfortable with experimenting, playing, and failing.

These requirements can be very challenging for individuals and teams.

This is especially true with the conditioning of the modern world, which drives us to move fast and get satisfaction as quickly as possible.

As facilitators, we create the conditions that ensure teams can succeed with Design Thinking.


"You cannot predict the outcome of human development. All you can do is, like a farmer, create the conditions under which it will begin to flourish"

Sir Ken Robinson


PeopleStorming provided us with a great workshop. They were open, flexible, agile and the team adapted to our needs. They had great energy. I strongly recommend Rachel - she has been an incredible resource since then. Always checking in and sharing articles and resources. A great partner for HR professionals.

Alexandra E. - Head of People - StreamSets


Silicon Valley, CA, USA

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