Silicon Valley, CA, USA

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Leadership & Management Training


You need leaders who have emotional intelligence, outstanding interpersonal skills, the ability to build trust quickly and to manage performance effectively.

Transform your people into force multipliers across your organization with our targeted training workshops. Combine them with follow-up coaching to further add to the impact.

What you and your team will gain:

  • A more self-aware leader who embraces change

  • A leader who is equipped to train and coach others

  • Clearer communication and expectation-setting

  • Faster, more accurate decision-making

  • Easy to implement tools which strengthen team connectedness and increase accountability

Effective Retrospectives

Defining Roles & Responsibilities

Identifying Stakeholders

Prioritizing The Backlog

Stakeholder Mgmt & Comms

Coaching Skills

Mentoring and Sponsorship

Planning & Time Management

High Stakes Conversations

6 Dysfunctions of a Team

Feedback Conversations

Facilitating Meetings

Effective Communications

Adaptability & Quick Thinking

Increasing Empathy

Building Team Relationships

Pitching Ideas

Presenting & Speechcraft

Personal Development Plans

Performance Feedback Processes

Diversity & Inclusion Fundamentals

Recruiting Processes & Practices

Interviewer Skills

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Let's discuss your challenges and co-design a package that will have immediate impact