Team Chartering


There are many ways to measure the health of a team. Not every team works the same way or values the same things. There's no universal guide that every team can follow to guarantee success.​

With a team charter, the group will have a shared understanding of how they best work together. This understanding will include details  on common purpose, values and roles. This will be a key milestone in your team’s onward journey, informing their heading and giving guidance when times get tough.

In this facilitated workshop, we'll guide you through the essential conversations needed to build your team’s charter. We’ll cover areas such as roles and responsibilities, core values, group norms, and key metrics. Your team will leave the workshop with a complete, first iteration of their charter that they can begin to use immediately.


I think the values charter was really helpful. As well as the mission statement to get everyone aligned. The fact that both of you have worked in the tech industry helped us connect quickly and common challenges of a product team. I thought everything we did was really well thought through in terms of cadence.

Cat B. - Design Lead - Indeed


Silicon Valley, CA, USA

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