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Establish Your Values & Principles Workshop

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast". We'll make sure you have a clear, well-aligned definition of the values and principles that will strengthen your culture over time.

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Whilst organizational culture often feels like a big, abstract concept, it's actually built from the ground up by the values and principles of individual teams and departments.

This workshop equips your team to establish a shared foundation of values and principles. These become the guiding compass for your team's success, fostering a more collaborative, fulfilling, and productive work environment.

  • Unearthing Your Values: Explore both personal and team values, fostering understanding and building a strong foundation.
  • Identifying What Matters: Uncover your team's existing values and principles, both spoken and unspoken, to gain valuable insights.
  • Crafting Your Compass: Collaboratively define a clear set of guiding principles that reflect your team's best thinking on how to operate successfully.
  • Actionable Outcomes: Leave with a solidified framework for daily decision-making and collaboration.
  • Living the Values: Create a plan for continuous communication and active adoption of your team's guiding principles.

This workshop is typically provided as part of our team chartering program as it is most effective in that wider context.

Need Help Aligning Your Team Values with Your Organization's Mission? While this workshop focuses on team-level value definition, we also offer consulting services to help organizations refine their core values and ensure team values align with the broader company vision. Let's discuss your specific needs.

erin m

The workshop series allowed the team to come closer together. It was helpful to have some "walls" come down and see each other as well meaning human beings. I appreciated your agnostic view points as an outsider to this company and team. I valued your experience and great communication skills which gave freely and exemplified along the way.

Erin M. - Design - Indeed

paul m

This was a great day of workshops to figure out areas of improvements and shared values of a team. The hosts were pleasant, insightful and helpful in guiding discussions. I thought the process they designed for coming up with a team mission statement was really good. The most impact for me came from the future visioning exercises and the shared values work.

Paul M. - Research Scientist - Upstart

jason w

I felt a much stronger connection to my team members after attending. I think the exercises that helped us get closer to a charter were valuable for helping us gain a shared understanding of how to work together. It was a really valuable use of time for a team like ours that is distributed and still new to working together.

Jason W. - Indeed


In addition to offering dedicated workshops and programs for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals.

If you'd be interested in participating as an individual, let us know...

Great company culture isn't something you hold on to. It's something that co-evolves with its environment. #CultureIteration