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Team Ownership & Accountability Workshop

We'll make sure your team has clear, healthy boundaries and can successfully foster a culture of ownership and accountability.

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To build a high-performing organization, you need people and teams who take ownership and have a culture of accountability. They should exhibit the care and thoughtfulness that comes from treating the business as though it were their own. Even with highly motivated people, we often make assumptions about what will get done, how and by whom. In other words, we lack the norms and systems that turn such motivation into well-coordinated work with clear accountability. 

When either ownership or accountability is missing, things stagnate, projects overrun and trust is often broken.

In this workshop, you will...

  • Come to a mutual understanding of the different types of responsibilities of your particular team
  • Clearly define what success looks like for each area of responsibility
  • Openly discuss current operating roles
  • Expand your understanding of your colleagues roles and responsibility
  • Understand the gaps in coverage or overlaps that could cause ball-drops
  • Collectively move towards roles that align with individual motivations and career goals
  • Develop a system for detecting when a gap arises
  • Come away with a map of roles and responsibilities that gives you shared language for operating successfully into the future
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I'm the type of person that tends to think that workshops like this are a waste of time, but this one surprised me. It provided real, tangible benefits to myself and my team.

Dima S. - Director of Engineering - StreamSets

In addition to offering dedicated workshops and programs for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals.

If you'd be interested in participating as an individual, let us know...