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Skillfully Delivered Meetings

We'll help you lead productive, inclusive meetings that surface the best possible version of the conversation.

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This workshop is part of our Fix Your Meetings program.

To take this workshop, you'll first need to take our Thoughtfully Designed Meetings workshop.

Once you've deliberately selected and skillfully designed your meetings, you need to make sure the delivery is inclusive and on-point; providing great experiences and hitting your outcomes. Importantly, you need to know how to navigate effectively when things go off track - because, they will.

This workshop is particularly suited to professionals in leadership roles or positions where leading gatherings, workshops or meetings is a critical part of their role. This might include any kind of management role, scrum masters, development / product managers, L&D folks and of course, facilitators of all shapes and sizes.

In this 2.5h workshop, you will...

  • Ensure you and others engage with self-awareness and balance
  • Learn how to keep meeting conversations aligned and on-track
  • Successfully surface and navigate conflict in meetings
  • Understand group dynamics and manage harmful behaviors
  • Scale activities according to group size
  • Identify how to prepare the physical and/or digital space for participants
  • Learn how to create working agreements
  • Manage participant energy
  • Explore visual facilitation tricks
  • Practice managing time in meetings and learn how to end meetings quickly, when needed
  • Gain techniques for effectively capturing meeting summaries
  • Learn how to assess the success of a meeting quickly
fred g

The workshop was extremely well facilitated with many "meta" observations I take with me. A really great balance of being able to engage in abstract facilitation ideas and techniques while also demanding personal reflection on what real challenges I have in my day to day work. I really loved it and it's going to have an impact on my facilitation skills.

Fred G. - Learning & Development - Thoughtworks

brodie a

I found the psychological and behavioral insight into why conversations go the way they do really interesting. Learning how to help steer towards desired results was valuable. I also really liked the tool for self-awareness as a meeting participant. The facilitation was excellent. excellent, excellent! You really crushed all the training objectives.

Brodie A. - Director Of Product Development - Striking Distance Studios


In addition to offering dedicated workshops and programs for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals.

If you'd be interested in participating as an individual, let us know...