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Team Health & Performance Workshops


Choosing to invest in your team health and culture is one of the most impactful decisions you can make. Such investment is often the key difference between scaling and failing.

When teams are dealing with conflict, or they are failing to perform or cannot get out of a low-morale state, we specialize in supporting the team to recapture their pride, enthusiasm, mutual trust and mission critical performance.

Meeting face-to-face and engaging in complex conversations builds trust and, when done right, contributes to psychological safety. Some of the meetings and workshops we design and facilitate for our clients include:


Team Chartering


Team Cohesion

Difficult Conversations

Culture & Values Design

Belonging & inclusion


Difficult Conversations

A difficult conversation is any situation where the needs, opinions or perceptions of those involved are divergent, with their feelings and emotions running strong. Usually the reason behind such strong feelings and emotions is that the individuals have a lot at stake and they dread the potential consequences of the disagreement. They are often specifically avoiding conflict.

As a facilitator, our job is to recognize and drive the value of healthy disagreement. We don't leave any stones unturned. If there are elephants in the room, we deliberately introduce them.


We love retrospectives (sometimes called postmortems).

The team gathers at key point (usually the end of a project or at a key milestone). We unpack what happened, what worked, what didn't work, how they succeeded and how they failed.

A retro is one of the most valuable activities that teams can do because they grow team members capabilities and team culture.

A constructive, blame-free retro calls for a skilled facilitator. The alternative can be actively harmful to the team culture.​

Belonging & Inclusion

Everyone deserves to feel seen, heard and valued. In addition to that fundamentally human belief, industrial psychology research has shown that a true sense of inclusion is a strong predictor of team health and success. With the contemporary emphasis on diversity and inclusion and the increasing social transparency of organizations, these ideas have never been more relevant.

We have spent over a decade bringing teams together and helping them explore what it means to have the most authentically human, playful, vulnerable and high-trust relationships they can reach for. Through practice, play, discussion and immersion, we specialize in drawing out the boldness and empathy needed for colleagues to understand what they need from each other in order to feel safe to do their best work.

Team Cohesion

You're spending a huge number of hours together. You have big visions and dreams for the product, the company, the project but there's something missing.

A lack of team cohesion is causing daily friction, miscommunication and speed bumps.

Rather than a team outing to paintball or drinks, we recommend our team cohesion workshop. You'll be working hard but you won't notice because we make it ​fun! We'll help you set objectives for the event so you can measure the value afterwards.

Then we'll design an active, participatory workshop to meet those objectives.

We recently delivered this workshop to a FAANG company with great results. Case study coming soon.

Culture & Values Design

As Peter Drucker famously said "Culture eats strategy for breakfast". We can all agree organizational culture is important. But it still often seems fuzzy, vague and difficult to grasp.

Culture can be defined as the human behaviors within an organization and the underlying values that keep those behaviors in place.

Culture is something that’s shaped by every person. It's within the behaviors, communication choices, and language that employees use. Every member of the team is creating and evolving it.

Our workshops are designed to steward teams through a process that delivers real cultural insight about your organization. The result will be a careful articulation of the culture you want and the responsibilities of team members in helping it to flourish.

Team Chartering

There are many ways to measure the health of a team. Not every team works in the same way or values the same things. There's no universal guide that every team can follow to guarantee success.

With a Team Charter, the group builds a shared understanding of how they will best work together. This charter is a roadmap you create at the beginning of the journey to make sure your team is clear about where they're heading, and to give direction when times get tough.

In this workshop, we'll outline the essential elements of your team's communication and establish a set of guidelines that will help you focus productively on your goals.