Culture & Values


As Peter Drucker famously said "Culture eats strategy for breakfast". We can all agree organizational culture is important. But it still often seems fuzzy, vague and difficult to grasp.

Culture can be defined as the human behaviors within an organization and the underlying values that keep those behaviors in place.

Culture is something that’s shaped by every person. It's within the behaviors, communication choices, and language that employees use. Every member of the team is creating and evolving it.

Our workshops are designed to steward teams through a process that delivers real cultural insight about your organization. The result will be a careful articulation of the culture you want and the responsibilities of team members in helping it to flourish.


I think that the offsite allowed the team to come closer together. It was helpful to have some "walls" come down and see each other as well meaning human beings.

Andre and Rachel were great facilitators who kept energies going high (even when we were emotionally and mentally tired) I appreciated their agnostic view points as an outsider to this company and team. I valued their experience and great communication skills which they freely gave and exemplified.

Jonathan S - Engineering - Indeed


Silicon Valley, CA, USA

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