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We’ll help you have meaningful growth conversations so that you can accelerate both your career and the growth of your team.


Developing yourself and your team is the best possible use of your time. It involves a set of investments that build exponentially and enable all of the other value in your organization. There are two key parts. The Personal Development Plans and 1-on-1s.

1-on-1s are the foundation of a professional coaching relationship. The ideal 1-on-1 should leave your coachee feeling that it was valuable. If they find that the conversation is pleasant but largely unmemorable, then there is an important opportunity to improve. If the conversation isn’t a little bit challenging at times, then value is being left on the table. We will make sure your 1-on-1s are efficient, impactful and fun.

A Personal Development Plan is an artifact that charts out a  growth and learning path for an individual.. Though many professionals have experience creating something like this, their creations too often end up languishing in the digital equivalent of a junk drawer. We will help you break this cycle and create a PDP you will be excited to use every week.


1-on-1 Workshop

In this workshop, you will...

  • Learn how to design & construct a 1-on-1 that makes the most of your time.

  • Learn the key mistakes commonly made in 1-on-1s.

  • Explore tools & processes for organizing & tracking your 1-on-1.

  • Choose how to manage conversation backlogs.

  • Discuss how to prioritize agenda items for 1-on-1s.

  • Plan for how you’ll hold each other accountable for action item commitments.

  • Receive a refresher on healthy feedback structures.

  • Practice a coaching technique to ensure your coachee feels heard & understood.

  • Learn to construct powerful questions that open up dialogue & move conversation forward.

  • Learn how 1-on-1s can be used to increase engagement and support talent retention.

  • Construct a personalized 1-on-1 agenda that incorporates what you’ve learned.

  • Best practices for holding remote 1:1s.

PDP Workshop

In this workshop, you will...

  • Reframe your career path in terms of passion and skill rather than empty title progression.

  • Reflect on autonomy, mastery and purpose.

  • Review a competency matrix for your profession/role.

  • Prioritize your career goals and review them in combination with your team/organizational goals.

  • Build out a framework for your development.

  • Draft a roadmap of activities.

  • Receive peer and facilitator feedback on your first iteration.


Open Sessions

In addition to offering dedicated workshops for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals. If you'd be interested in one of those sessions, let us know...


Rachel encouraged everyone in the class to set a personal growth goal at the beginning of the class, and then facilitated reflection on it through journaling and a check-in midway through the class.

My growth goal was something I hadn't thought about that much previously (and might not have articulated had I not been forced to do so at the beginning of the class), but it ended up leading to a big self-awareness increase and has been very relevant to my recent work.

Betsy A, Data Science, Riot Games


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