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We'll codesign and cofacilitate your virtual retreat, all-hands and offsites for a memorable, valuable experience.

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Using our facilitation skills combined with lean project management, we offer a number of facilitation design and delivery experiences...

Retreats & Offsites

If you're mulling over whether or not to have your team offsite this year, we'd advise you to get it on the calendar.

Even though we can't convene as we normally would, that just means we need to rethink what it looks and feels like - not skip it altogether.

A worthwhile offsite or retreat is a gathering where your team takes a collective breath and spends time together thinking about topics that are usually suppressed by their day-to-day routine.

For most teams, opportunities for these gatherings are rare so it's vital that they are thoughtfully designed.

However, offsites and team retreats typically go one of two routes. They either get focused on the business and strategy - simultaneously completely neglecting the human aspect of the team and relationship. Or they are a jam-packed-party-fest with cheesy forced-fun bonding activities. 

Our approach differs. We focus on deeply understanding the goals for your retreat and designing a blend of activities that help the team feel connected to each other and the mission - whilst also achieving some business goals in an engaging way.

We believe it's critical to know your goals for the event inside out before you write one word of an agenda. 

We'll work with you to create a successful event by...

  • Ensuring you have a coherent, well-communicated set of themes, focuses and goals
  • Sequencing and pacing the event to maximize engagement
  • Understanding and maximizing opportunities for interaction / participation / learning
  • Providing tools to check-in with attendees (helping you re-tune things on the fly)
  • Ensuring the event has a sense of fun and a focus on connection
  • Co-designing the artifacts / deliverables that will result from the event

We have multiple tiers of support available for your gathering - book a discovery call to discuss your needs.

All-Hands & Town-Halls

When your team gets the invite for their next, regular all-hands meeting, how many of them roll their eyes?

Why does this important part of the connectivity in your company elicit such a response? What's missing?

Imagine what it would be like if your gathering were less like a series of updates and more like a night in with Jimmy Fallon or Graham Norton.

With this notion in mind, we will work with you to codesign a more meaningful, engaging, fun and valuable all-hands for your team.

We'll ensure that challenging topics are addressed and that productive dialogue is the norm.

cameron j

The team worked with us collaboratively to turn a hand full of bullet points into a highly productive, engaging and fun two-day retreat on a relatively short timeline, all the while navigating potential scheduling conflicts and keeping me up to date on status. Highly recommended.

Cameron J - VP Customer Reliability - Sensu

In addition to offering dedicated workshops and programs for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals.

If you'd be interested in participating as an individual, let us know...

Intentional Meetings: Deliberately Selected, Thoughtfully Designed, Skillfully Delivered.