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Podcasts for PeopleOps & Leaders

person recording a podcast
person recording a podcast

Podcasts are awesome for learning about pretty much anything. Here's a list of some of our current faves for those passionate about PeopleOps and Leadership.

If you're in PeopleOps you know your job is way cooler than paperwork and office supplies. It's about helping the people who make your company awesome! You get to shape the culture and actually impact people's lives at work. Pretty cool, right?

We want to encourage you to keep learning and growing. Read, listen to podcasts, explore stuff that gets you fired up! By being a lifelong learner, you walk the walk and show your team that growth mindset and learning culture you want to build.

To kickstart your learning journey and get your brain ready to soak up knowledge, we've added a thought-provoking question for each podcast theme. Let's dive in!

Learning and Development Focus:

  • Podcast: The Good Practice by Emerald Works - A must-listen for anyone in L&D or HR.
  • Prompt: What new learning opportunities can you create with the way work is changing these days?

Culture & Organizational Psychology Focus:

  • Podcast: WorkLife - Organizational psychologist Adam Grant spills the tea on navigating the workplace.
  • Prompt: What work-related topic feels like the elephant in the room at your company?

Problem-Solving at Work Focus:

  • Podcast: Dear HBR - An advice show for your work woes. They answer your questions and give you better ways to handle things.
  • Prompt: What questions do you get asked at work all the time? How could you turn the answers into something everyone can access easily?

Careers & Work Focus:

  • Podcast: Hello Monday - LinkedIn's Jessi Hempel talks about the ever-changing world of work.
  • Prompt: What gets you most pumped up about your job? How can you do more of it?

Business and Management Focus:

  • Podcast: HBR IdeaCast - A weekly podcast featuring brainy business and management thinkers.
  • Prompt: Is there a business term you hear all the time but don't quite get? How can you learn more about it?

Critical Thinking Focus:

  • Podcast: Rationally Speaking - The official podcast of the New York City Skeptics (they're all about using reason!).
  • Prompt: How does thinking critically (or not!) affect how people behave at work?

Focus on Women in the Workplace:

  • Podcast: The Broad Experience - A podcast about women, work, and winning.
  • Prompt: How could your workplace be better for women? What's one thing you could do today to make a difference?

What are your podcast faves?

Let us know in the comments and we might feature them in a future newsletter 🙌