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Brilliant Virtual Meetings

We'll help you master the tools and principles that create seamless virtual gatherings.

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This workshop is part of our Fix Your Meetings program. It can also be taken stand-alone.

Today's reality is that a huge majority of important conversations are happening virtually. Even relatively simple interactions now require more pre-planning and a greater familiarity with a range of emerging technologies.

Based on our extensive experience building training and facilitation experiences for groups (sometimes including 100s of people), we've designed this workshop for anyone who needs to make virtual gathering tools work in practice. It's particularly suited to anyone who wants to know how to lead virtual gatherings more effectively - such as L&D professionals, events professionals, and facilitators who've primarily worked face-to-face.

In this 2.5h workshop, you will...

  • Learn how to effectively open and close a virtual gathering
  • Discover how to use virtual gatherings to increase connection and intimacy in a group
  • Identify the pitfalls with virtual tools and techniques
  • Explore how effective preparation can deliver a seamless experience¬†
  • Gain exposure to a range of digital whiteboard technologies (Mural, Miro and Jamboard)
  • Learn how virtual gatherings can be uniquely memorable
  • Nail the art of effective breakout rooms
  • Dive into Zoom best practices including on-boarding participants, dealing with large groups and identifying features to incorporate / avoid
  • Participate in a Q&A with expert virtual facilitators to learn from our successes and failures
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I learned a bunch of different techniques to use in meetings. Including how tone and camera position when working remotely makes a difference - they can have a really positive or negative impact. This comprehensive workshop will enhance how you speak and listen to your peers, and take you down the path to leadership.

Ankur J. - Senior Clinical Account Exec - EmpiRx Health

brady g

PeopleStorming are experts in organizing virtual workshops! There were so many new formats of interaction, not just talking. Changing names, drawing pictures, very interesting exercises. Getting people to rotate through breakout rooms and talk about their ideas was useful. Super refreshing.

Brady G. - Head of Talent & Operations - Kinship

heather g

I attended your training on how to turn useless meetings into effective collaboration and LOVED it! Your training was hands down one of the most valuable workshops I have attended to date.

Heather G. - Senior Director Product Management - Workday


In addition to offering dedicated workshops and programs for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals.

If you'd be interested in participating as an individual, let us know...