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Healthy Exploration Workshop

We'll ensure that your team produces their best ideas by using robust, playful and thoughtful conversation.

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When it comes to exploring a topic, the best ideas often emerge from the push and pull of opposing viewpoints. You want your team to be able to live in this mode productively, without debate escalating into conflict or quieter voices being buried.

Of course, this all starts with trust - ensuring your team feels safe to play with each others' ideas. It also requires a mutual sense of fairness and inclusion to ensure that everyone is heard. From there, the right set of tools allow colleagues to explore contradicting views and draw out the most value from the process.

We crafted this workshop by blending all of our coaching and facilitation experience into a compact set of ideas. Let's move your team away from bickering or silence and towards healthy debate.

In this workshop, you will...

  • Understand the definition of healthy exploration and its value.
  • Learn why we avoid such exploration.
  • Learn the ways debate can go wrong.
  • Learn some simple rules-of-the-road for well-facilitated conversation.
  • Explore how to drive, participate and engage in healthy dialogue.
  • Understand how to frame healthy exploration to your wider team (cultural leadership).
  • Practice talking through specific exploration challenges you're dealing with.
brady g

PeopleStorming are experts in organizing virtual workshops.

There were so many new formats of interaction, not just talking. Changing names, drawing pictures, very interesting exercises.

Getting people to rotate through breakout rooms and talk about their ideas was useful. Super refreshing.

I got to meet the broader Kinship leadership team, and to understand their questions and challenges. I also feel like I understand the people better.

Brady G. - Head of Talent & Operations - Kinship

female avatar

EXCELLENT A/V. Good cadence - easy to follow. Very friendly facilitators. Putting things in practice made it easier to see how I could practically apply things.

This excellent training will prepare you to reach your goals more effectively and improve your confidence navigating even the trickiest workplace dynamics. I think it will help you approach your interactions with intentionality and help you achieve your core objectives.

Akinyi O. - Marketing Lead - Nova Credit

In addition to offering dedicated workshops and programs for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals.

If you'd be interested in participating as an individual, let us know...