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Thoughtfully Designed Meetings

We'll help you design inclusive and focused meetings with clear outcomes.

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thought process

This workshop is part of our Fix Your Meetings program.

To take this workshop, you'll first need to take our Deliberately Selected Meetings workshop.

Assuming you do everything you can to scale back the meeting load in the company (using the tools from our Deliberately Selected Meetings workshop), you're still going to be left with some meetings that are valuable. How do you make them as effective as possible?

One of the world's leading facilitators, Priya Parker, famously said "90% of what makes a gathering successful is put in place beforehand".

In fact, to prepare effectively you'll need to put on your human-centered designer hat (yes, that one!). We'll help you go from theories and creative ideas to practical, effective action plans.

In this 2hr workshop, you will...

  • Learn how to identify the right product / output for meetings
  • Learn how to build an effective, engaging & inclusive meeting structure
  • Learn how to construct a powerful question to engage the teams best thinking
  • Learn how to create self-organizing agendas
  • Make brainstorming more accessible and inclusive
  • Identify problem areas and how to mitigate them
  • Plan for the capture of meeting content
  • Practice designing a real meeting using our frameworks
brenda c

The training was engaging the entire time. I never felt like zoning out. I feel we now have a good foundation to start to improve our meetings. The program teaches you how to avoid unnecessary meetings and I thought the discussions about roles and accountabilities was a great inclusion.

Brenda C. - VP of People - Upsolver

jordan h

This workshop is going to have a real impact on my facilitation. It led me to think about how I choose facilitation activities in a new (and valuable!) way. It forced me to reconsider my defaults and how I make choices.

Jordan H. - Director Innovation - Phase2

thom o

There are lots of things that I took for granted would not or could not be changed about our meetings. This course changed my thinking. I liked the hands-on portions, rather than having it be a lecture. It was lots of fun and very informative. The frameworks for clarifying ownership levels across participants were particularly useful.

The workshop was also a great way to meet and talk with people that I don't always interact with. It's easy to feel like you're spitting into the wind by trying to change things without this kind of shared experience.

Thom O. - Producer - Striking Distance Studios


In addition to offering dedicated workshops and programs for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals.

If you'd be interested in participating as an individual, let us know...