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Resolve Conflict

We'll work with you to unpack an active or recurring conflict so you can move forward as a team.

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Conflict is a normal and healthy part of work (and life) but very few of us treat it that way.

This happens for a myriad of reasons. A primary one is that we forget to separate people from problems, which leads us to making the conflict personal. This personalization of conflict breaks down trust and can cause irreparable damage if left to fester.

We can also get stuck in conflict-reaction cycles.

As facilitators, we provide an environment for healthy disagreement and work to restore that environment if things become personal. We don't leave any stones unturned. If there are elephants in the room, we deliberately introduce them. We never take sides.

Let us help you move away from toxic conflict (and suffering) and towards robust, productive dialogue.

jarcec c

This was a well-thought out workshop. The most valuable part of the workshop was the open discussion between team members and the focus on conflict skills

Jarcec C. - Director Engineering - Streamsets

In addition to offering dedicated workshops and programs for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals.

If you'd be interested in participating as an individual, let us know...