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Vision, Mission & Strategy Workshops


Strategic planning should be an exciting activity - a time for honest reflection, ambitious vision, key decisions and aligned commitments. Ensuring this value and positivity requires a deliberate, thoughtful approach that resonates with your team’s culture and meets their planning needs.

By combining our facilitation and product development expertise, we will support you through every facet of your team’s strategic planning. We’ll make sure you deliver the artifacts you need, learn to steward those things in future and help you take stock of your entire planning process with an emphasis on clarity and simplicity.

In short, we will bring fresh thinking and creative stewardship to...


Crafting Vision & Mission

Mapping Opportunities

Formulating Strategy & Measurement

Execution Planning


Execution Planning

Many of the teams we support falter when they try to execute on their strategies. Execution plans are the connective tissue that allow teams to coordinate work and identify mis-assumptions quickly. Executing against a deliberate plan creates rapid feedback loops that help the team adapt to new information.

The key challenge with execution planning is to ensure that the level of granularity employed is appropriate to both the work and the team composition. We provide highly-focused group sessions in which we help colleagues to reach the level of confidence and trust required to tune their execution plans correctly. In those sessions, we work carefully to ensure that all voices are heard and that disagreement remains healthy and useful.

Formulating Strategy & Measurement

At its most basic level, your strategy is the set of choices about what your team will and won’t do in service of its mission. Strategy informs where effort is directed, for how long and for which purposes. It's your current, best theory about how to configure your team’s focus in order to make progress in the opportunity spaces you care most about. As a theory, it requires periodic validation and that means deliberate measurement of impact. In our workshops, we support teams as they...

  • Weigh ROI, risks and tradeoffs associated with different strategic postures.

  • Identify and challenge the assumptions underlying an industry, organization or product space.

  • Feed existing learning back into strategic discussions.

  • Explore how similar problems were solved in entirely different contexts.

  • Build business-aligned, practical, coherent models of strategic measurement.

Mapping Opportunities

So often, teams jump from their vision straight to what they plan to do about it (their strategy) even though there are usually many paths they can take in service of their mission. Mapping out the opportunity space for the work ensures that the team’s effort is optimized for maximum, sustainable impact.

Opportunity mapping is most effective when it is seen for the creative, explorative, playful work that it is. We specialize in bringing diverse teams together and keeping them in a highly creative, collaborative state as they explore the possibilities of their work. With our support, colleagues come at the problem in as many different ways as their imagination will allow without sacrificing their ability to converge on a well-structured foundation for their strategies.

Crafting Vision & Mission

The vision is the North Star for the organization or the product.

A vision statement looks forward and creates a mental image of the ideal state that the organization wishes to achieve.

It’s aspirational and inspirational for everyone on the team.

The vision helps align the team or the organization around why they exist and the purpose they serve.

We use a series of methods based heavily around storytelling techniques to guide you through this workshop and define your unique vision and mission.

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