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Solve complex business and culture problems through engaging training


PeopleStorming offers an innovative and highly customized blend of coaching, facilitation and training to teams and organizations.

We draw knowledge, inspiration and best practices from psychology, organizational improv, playback theater, design thinking and the craft of facilitation.


Leadership & Management

Building leadership and management skills to support high-performing, healthy teams


Learn the skills needed to design & plan productive, enjoyable workshops & meetings

Product Management

Growing product-mindsets, skills and capabilities

Design Thinking & Creativity

Providing teams with tools to increase their ability to create and innovate

Client Feedback


Rachel encouraged everyone in the class to set a personal growth goal at the beginning of the class, and then facilitated reflection on it through journaling and a check-in midway through the class. Unexpectedly, this ended up being extremely valuable for me. My growth goal was something I hadn't thought about that much previously (and might not have articulated had I not been asked to do so at the beginning of the class), but it ended up leading to a big self-awareness increase and has been very relevant to my recent work.

Betsy - Riot Games

I have improved my listening skills, my ability to pick up on body language, and how to adapt my approach to fit the group of people that I'm interacting with. I really appreciate the way our training class is structured, in that I am able to get introduced to a skill, practice it, and discuss how it can be applied to me professional (and personal!) life. Furthermore, I've been able to forge relationships with other colleagues that I wouldn't generally be able to work with.

Michelle - Netflix

Rachel is a positive and creative force within any company, bringing her program and project management skills with her. I attended a communication course created and taught by Rachel that was a huge success in unlocking the potential of each individual that attended.
Rachel also worked on an interviewer training project to train and assess the ability of new technical interviewers that eventually launched into a bigger program.

Amber - Facebook

I was fortunate to have attended the training that Rachel created for our Recruiting team. It was by far the most enjoyable corporate training that I have been a part of. Rachel has full command of her subject and she leads in a way that is both collaborative and highly engaging. She created a true learning environment that allowed for individual development and team wins. And did I mention it was a blast?!

Michael - Riot Games