Training & Facilitation

We offer in-person and virtual workshops to help you develop happy, healthy, high-performing teams.


Core Programs

We combine a selection of our workshops to produce a tailored development program.

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Leadership Development Program

Employee Experience Design Program

Team Chartering Program


How can we serve you?


What problems are you facing?

Looking for something specific?

Looking for a facilitator or coach?

Our Approach

Contextual Learning
Explain | Demonstrate | Practice

Reflection & Mindfulness

Infuse Lightness & Humor

Dialogue over Monologue

Our Expertise

Behavioral Science
Agile Methods
Design Thinking
Structural Dynamics
Improv & Playback Theater

Our Ingredients

Valuable Content
Interactive Activities
Engaging Games
XD into Experiential Learning


Chase D. - Merchandise - Riot Games

Rachel provided excellent classes, establishing a fun and creative environment in which to learn.

She was able to tailor feedback based on each individual, and challenge us based on our strengths and weaknesses, while acknowledging growth and success along the way.

Very happy I studied with her and thankful for the teachings.

Silicon Valley, CA, USA

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