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anna m

PeopleStorming designed & facilitated our company sales and marketing team offsite.

We're a remote company, so we really wanted to make the most of our time together and come away with clear deliverables from the meeting.

Rachel is an excellent facilitator and very perceptive - she could immediately tell if and when we were going off on a tangent. With her help, it was a very productive few days, with clear action items at the end.

Anna M. - Director of Content - Sensu

zach b

Rachel is an excellent facilitator. She is incredible at gathering information, prepping with purpose, and creating an environment around the toughest issues that is healthy and constructive.

Rachel uses organizational improv in an innovative way to solve complex cultural problems. I have seen her push the envelope in terms of traditional facilitation and helping teams think about their retrospectives in new and interesting ways.

Rachel gets to the core of the issue easily because she's able to process and parse another persons message quickly and effectively through active listening.

Zach B. - Head Of Infastructure - Riot Games

erin m

I learned some new techniques and approaches to giving/receiving feedback, listening, defining our values.

Some of the exercises really impacted me and I feel more prepared to be successful on my team with my communication style and theirs.

The exercises were all really helpful to expand my thought process outside myself and develop more empathy towards my teammates.

Erin M. - Design - Indeed

chase d

Rachel provided excellent classes, establishing a fun and creative environment in which to learn.

She was able to tailor feedback based on each individual, and challenge us based on our strengths and weaknesses, while acknowledging growth and success along the way.

Very happy I studied with her and thankful for the teachings.

Chase D. - Merchandise - Riot Games

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