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We offer an innovative and highly customized blend of coaching, facilitation and training.

We draw knowledge, inspiration and best practices from behavioral psychology, neuroscience, organizational improv, playback theater, design thinking and the craft of facilitation.

For each module, we develop a strategic sequence of useful content, interactive activities and engaging games to create the maximum impact in the least amount of time. We use the best principles from experience design to turn information into experiential learning.

We bring humor and lightness to our training because we know that learning is sticky when it's fun (and the science agrees).


Leadership & Management

Building leadership and management skills to support high-performing, healthy teams.

  • Coaching skills

  • Feedback conversations

  • Managing through conflict

  • Effective 1-on-1s

  • Strategy - prioritization, decision-making, planning & monitoring progress

  • Leading valuable meetings

  • Supporting individual impact plans

  • Mentoring and sponsorship

  • Overcoming impostor syndrome and building a growth mindset

  • Creating a culture of ownership and accountability

  • Leadership focused targets, metrics (KPIs) and OKRs

Team Performance

High performing teams require thoughtfulness and deliberacy around how they work together.

  • Defining roles and responsibilities

  • Stakeholder management

  • Building team trust and relationships

  • Agile team work systems

  • Agile rituals

  • Effective retrospectives for all

  • Team focused targets, metrics (KPIs) and OKRs

Product Mindset & Design Thinking

Growing product-mindsets, skills and capabilities. Providing teams with tools to increase their ability to create and innovate.

  • Crafting a meaningful vision and mission

  • Product management fundamentals

  • Product storytelling

  • Designing and operating internal focus groups

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Service blueprinting

  • Design thinking fundamentals (see facilitation for design sprints)

  • Experimentation - embracing failure and driving success

  • Boosting creativity, problem-solving and innovation

Happy, Healthy, High Performance Culture

Building an inclusive culture founded in shared meaning and purpose.

  • Inclusion and belonging fundamentals

  • Anti-harassment training

  • Understanding cognitive bias, logical fallacies and critical thinking

  • Exploring status

  • Building trust and stronger bonds

  • Increasing empathy

  • Mindfulness at work

  • Deep listening

  • Grit, resilience, adaptability and quick thinking

  • Motivational styles


Learn the skills needed to design and plan productive, enjoyable workshops and meetings.

  • Experience design for impactful meetings, workshops and retreats

  • Leading inclusive meetings

  • Supporting distributed teams


Attracting and hiring great talent is to key to your organization's success.

  • Agile recruiting processes and practices

  • Creating a world-class candidate experience

  • Interviewer skills and behaviors

Influential Communication

Making sure that colleagues really hear you and understand the value of your message.

  • Pitching ideas and explaining concepts

  • Presenting and speech-craft

  • Crafting a compelling narrative

  • Negotiation skills

Custom Topic

You have a specific need - tell us about it and we'll see if we can help

We enjoy co-designing with our clients and often work with busy People teams who need an extra pair of hands


Client Feedback


Dima - Director of Engineering - StreamSets

I'm the type of person that tends to think that workshops like this are a waste of time, but this one surprised me. It provided real, tangible benefits to myself and my team.