Strategy, Metrics & Planning

We’ll make sure your team has a deliberate and thoughtful plan around what it will and won’t do to achieve its mission. They’ll emerge better equipped to make the challenging decisions that lie in their future.


How do you choose what to do? How will you do it? How will you know you’re winning?

Your strategy is the set of choices about what your team will and won’t do in service of its mission. Strategy informs where your effort is directed, for how long and for which purposes. With a thoughtful strategy, your team will have an easier time planning what to do and more clarity around how to measure success.

Our offerings include a comprehensive service where we take the team from building their strategy through defining and operationalizing their metrics to creating a solid execution plan.

For those teams that lack experience with goal-setting and metrics, we have an introductory workshop on OKRs and KPIs.

These services aren’t just for product teams. We’ve seen deep, meaningful successes from People and Ops teams who have embraced these tools. We’ve loved helping these traditionally reactive teams shift to a more agile, customer-focused approach.


Build A Winning Game Plan

This workshop consists of three pillars…

  1. Strategy - deciding where you will and won’t play. You’ll...

    • validate your clarity and alignment around your team’s vision and mission

    • draw from and discuss learning from outside your team

    • identify and challenge assumptions underlying your conclusions

    • formulate alternative strategies

    • weigh ROI, risks and tradeoffs associated with those strategies

  2. Metrics - determining how you’ll measure progress and success. You’ll…

    • align on the most important measures of success

    • define concrete metrics that track these measures

    • understand / ratify how your metrics map to those of the overall organization

    • explore the tradeoffs between what you will and won’t measure

    • prioritize and operationalize your metrics

  3. Planning - prioritizing the ‘what’, ‘who’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ in pursuit of your strategy. You’ll...

    • align on the factors that determine both your prioritization and level of focus as a team

    • build a high-level timeline for the coming quarters that is tied to your strategy and metrics

    • determine key opportunities and risks along that journey

    • discuss the team’s approach to learning / agility and how this may create changes in the plan

    • agree on how to harness the plan as a living document that remains useful to the team over the coming months

    • ensure that there is a process for keeping partners and stakeholders informed

Wrestling with these elements can be overwhelming; like you’re being asked to rebuild entire sections of your plane in mid-flight. We draw from a wide array of tools to construct a customized experience for your team that breaks things down into bite-sized chunks.

During our time together, we’ll...

  • challenge you to think at multiple levels to make sure that neither the big picture nor important nuances are lost

  • shine a light on misalignments, inconsistencies and opportunities

  • ensure your discussion space is creative, fun, and a safe space for healthy debate

  • keep you moving forward by ensuring you don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis

  • help you synthesize your best thinking into easily-digestible formats that will be understood and remembered by all

The teams we’ve worked with often describe this experience as both challenging and deeply rewarding. They give their all and leave feeling proud of what they’ve accomplished, having achieved the clarity they need to move forward with confidence.

KPIs & OKRs Fundamentals Workshop

Do you have concrete, unambiguous, well-aligned definitions of success? This workshop will teach you how to design, align and operationalize such definitions.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) are powerful approaches to expressing how you’ll measure success.

In this workshop, you will...

  • Understand the difference between KPIs and OKRs

  • Learn how to identify the attributes of effective KPIs and OKRs

  • Learn how to think about limitations and counter-incentives associated with metrics

  • Explore metric and goal change management

  • Practice building KPIs and OKRs using real scenarios

  • Learn how to introduce KPIs and OKRs to your organization

  • Grow your confidence in measuring your team and/or product successes


Open Sessions

In addition to offering dedicated workshops for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals. If you'd be interested in one of those sessions, let us know...


PeopleStorming did a fantastic job taking a raw idea - a feeling or desired direction - and helped us turn that into an actionable strategy and plan where everyone knows who is responsible for individual deliverables, and we all have a shared sense of priorities. We created new team metrics that will help ensure a great year in 2020.

Todd - Growth Team - Sensu


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