We’ll help you advance and improve your hiring practices and processes so you can build a talent pool that supports your mission.


Organizations live and die by their talent. A great hire can unlock all kinds of level-ups. A bad hire can cause irreparable cultural damage. 

Our approach to hiring puts people first and also recognizes that hiring is not simply about filling open job positions. It’s also about your organization’s brand and reputation. 

Every person you interact with becomes a potential brand ambassador and a potential source of referrals. 

Building a great candidate experience is not only the right thing to do but it sets a tone and expectation for incoming members of the team that contributes to a happy, healthy and high-performing organizational culture.

To build this workshop, we've drawn on our extensive experience designing interviewing and recruiting practices for a global tech company, helping them to scale their talent from 300 to 3000 people.


Interviewer Skills & Behaviors Workshop

In this workshop you will...

  • Focus on developing a mindset and culture of interviewing as an honor.

  • Learn how to design consistent and inclusive interviews.

  • Discuss the organizational challenges that can sometimes negatively impact your hiring process.

  • Learn what it takes to prepare effectively for an interview.

  • Learn how to build rapport and have greater awareness of body language.

  • Learn how to construct behavioral and situational interview questions and learn when to use them.

  • Learn a structured method for probing candidate answers.

  • Learn which questions are off the table and why.

  • Understand the biases that creep into hiring and how to mitigate them.

  • Practice active listening to support the interview process.

  • Define and align around your organization's red flags (with guidance on best practices) 

  • Discuss your applicant tracking system and how you’ll apply the learning from this workshop in practice.

  • Learn how to surprise and delight your candidate.

  • Learn how to turn all your candidates into brand advocates - even when they don’t get the job.

  • Learn how to deliver interview outcomes to candidates.

  • Learn common mistakes in hiring.

  • Learn how to host and participate in effective round-ups.

We’ll customize the learning outcomes depending on the composition of the group.


Open Sessions

In addition to offering dedicated workshops for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals. If you'd be interested in one of those sessions, let us know...


Extremely knowledgeable about leadership, people development, and interviewing for software engineering roles. I gained an incredible amount of valuable information that will help me succeed. I would definitely turn to PeopleStorming again for their expertise, and look forward to applying what I learned during our time together.

Namibia T. - Software Engineering


Silicon Valley, CA, USA

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