Positive Communication

Every interaction is an offer. We’ll help you to see the world that way and to foster that view in others.


Positive communication can be built around the popular improvisation concept “Yes, and…”. This fundamental technique promotes a greater flow of conversation, more inclusive collaboration and deeper creativity and innovation.

We’ve taught over 4000 people to “Yes, and…” and transformed the dynamics of entire teams with this simple, effective tool.

In this workshop, you will...

  • Learn the concept of “Yes, and…”.

  • Understand how to apply “Yes, and…” at work.

  • Recognize that “Yes, and…”  is not the same thing as agreement.

  • Practice letting ideas breath.

  • Learn a core framework for positive communication.

  • Experience and practice the concept of blocking.

  • Learn to facilitate idea generation using “Yes, and…”.


During our workshop with Rachel, she created fun and engaging exercises for our group. She taught us how to effectively implement the practice into work and life.  I learned to be present always, adapt quickly and 'yes and' my life and work.

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Silicon Valley, CA, USA

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