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Fix Your Meetings Program

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What happens in meetings serves as a barometer of a company's leadership, strategy, and culture - so what do your meetings say about your company?

The Problem

As a society, we have 11 million meetings a day. Of these meetings, around half are unproductive, costing an astounding $37bn a year.

Teams frequently over-rely on meetings as their primary collaboration tool for want of a better standard for judging when something should be a meeting. Compounding this problem, the meetings that should be good uses of time are often frequently ruined by a lack of planning, design and focus. 

When you bring a group of individuals together for a specific discussion...

  • How do you keep them on-track and productive?
  • How do you make sure there's room for everyone's voice?
  • How do you create structure without imprisoning people's thinking?
  • How do you maintain engagement and energy?
  • How do you do all of this while sticking to a schedule?

The Solution

We built this program to address these challenges. We've seen attendees make rapid progress both in reducing meeting load and in making their remaining meetings more thoughtful, human-centered and effective. Our approach has helped thousands of leaders bring people together for worthwhile, meaningful conversations through the art and science of facilitation.

The program will help you to...

  1. Be deliberate in deciding when and why to meet
  2. Create thoughtful, human-centered designs for your meetings
  3. Facilitate your meetings skillfully and inclusively
  4. Run smooth, engaging virtual meetings
  5. Deliver retrospectives that accelerate your team's learning and growth

It is composed of three core workshops designed to be taken in sequence to help you select, design and deliver effective meetings.

It includes a comprehensive set of custom-built workbooks and tools to help support ongoing changes.

It concludes with a group working session to map out the biggest challenges / opportunities around meetings in your organization. You'll work together to formulate action plans to address those areas.

Our Fix Your Meetings program is built from these individual workshops...

brodie a

I found the psychological and behavioral insight into why conversations go the way they do really interesting. Learning how to help steer towards desired results was valuable. I also really liked the tool for self-awareness as a meeting participant. The facilitation was excellent. excellent, excellent! You really crushed all the training objectives.

Brodie A. - Director Of Product Development - Striking Distance Studios

fred g

The workshop was extremely well facilitated with many "meta" observations I take with me. A really great balance of being able to engage in abstract facilitation ideas and techniques while also demanding personal reflection on what real challenges I have in my day to day work. I really loved it and it's going to have an impact on my facilitation skills.

Fred G. - Learning & Development - Thoughtworks

jorge j

I loved the practical side of this training - the exercises delivered in the context of our current meeting problems. The last exercise, in particular, was outstanding - where we did the meeting health check and then built an action plan to make changes. It was also valuable to learn about RACI matrices and the ways to get a well-defined, single purpose for a meeting. Also, the coaching and facilitation were outstanding.

Jorge J. - Director of Creative Engineering - Striking Distance Studios

gary f

I enjoyed this program. There were many fresh perspectives on what the perennial meeting pain points are that people experience. I particularly liked the meeting agendas and encouraging participation and feedback. I thought the tech platform PeopleStorming use for the workshop was great - it invited a lot of interaction.

Gary F. - Senior Marketing Manager - StreamSets

Simple shifts in our routine patterns of interaction make it possible for everyone to be included, engaged, and unleashed in solving problems, driving innovation, and achieving extraordinary outcomes

Henry Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless