Our Toolkit

We deploy all kinds of good stuff to help you solve important problems. Our tool belts include….

Accountability Frameworks

Appreciative Inquiry

Alternative Future Design

Agile Principles

Causal Layered Analysis

Creative Games

Decision Making Tools

Ideation Techniques

improv - undraw_building_blocks_n0nc.png

Improv & Theater Exercises

Liberating Structures

Lego & Tactile Toys

Mapping & Diagrams

Problem Solving Tools

powerful q - undraw_super_woman_dv0y.png

Powerful Questions

Participatory Decision-making


ritual - undraw_cup_of_tea_6nqg.png

Ritual Design

canvas undraw_making_art_759c.png

Visual Facilitation & Canvases


Silicon Valley, CA, USA

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