Nurture Your Network

We'll help you create authentic connections and expand your network - because great things are made possible when people support each other.


The word ‘network’ makes us think of ‘networking’. That cringe-inducing concept born in the 80s. 

In reality, networking is actually about being the best version of yourself - being open, being vulnerable, being clear on your objectives and boundaries, and being engaging as a conversational partner. It’s about recognizing opportunities for connection and mutual support.

Beyond the obvious rise of social and professional networking sites, modern organizations operate as a network of networks.  To thrive in these environments requires acting deliberately to be well-connected to the information and relationships needed to succeed.

To make you as effective as possible, in this workshop, you will...

  • Learn how to tell short, compelling stories.

  • Learn how to engage authentically with people around you.

  • Learn how vulnerability affects relationships at work.

  • Learn to listen more deeply.

  • Learn to spot patterns and opportunities.

  • Think strategically about your current network.

  • Make a plan for nurturing your network.

  • Reflect on how distributed working changes the network.


This was a very useful and productive workshop. I’d highly recommend it.

Hari  - Director of Eng - Streamsets


Silicon Valley, CA, USA

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