With our help, you’ll have important conversations and achieve valuable outcomes.

We’ll make sure the collective wisdom of the group is harnessed to solve your most pressing challenges.

We design and deliver in-person and virtual gatherings.


Facilitation isn't only about sticky notes and working agreements.

It's about creating a kinder, more beautiful environment for people to connect in.


Problems We Solve

Choose one of the problems listed below or select "workshops overview" to see all of our workshops

sad - undraw_feeling_blue_4b7q.png

Low trust? Low morale?

all hands - undraw_conference_speaker_6n

All-hands & retreat challenges?

learn - undraw_book_reading_kx9s.png

Not learning from experience?

purpose - undraw_nature_fun_n9lv.png

Misaligned on purpose?

process - undraw_file_manager_j85s.png

Messy processes?

change - undraw_season_change_f99v.png

Rolling out a complex change?

conflict - undraw_unDraw_1000_gty8.png

Unhealthy conflict?

decision - undraw_selected_options_42hx.

Decision paralysis?

roles - undraw_team_work_k80m.png

Misaligned on roles?

success - undraw_winners_ao2o.png

Definition of success unclear?

creative - undraw_creative_woman_v415.pn

Don't feel creative?

meeting - undraw_hang_out_h9ud.png

Meetings suck?

inclusive - undraw_team_spirit_hrr4.png

Not an inclusive culture?

process - undraw_quiz_nlyh.png

Ambiguous opportunity space?

iteration - undraw_prototyping_process_r

Rapid iteration is hard!

values - undraw_in_thought_gjsf.png

Misaligned on values?


"The facilitator's job is to support everyone to do their best thinking"

Sam Kaner


Tools We Use

We deploy all kinds of good stuff to make your workshops successful. Our tool belts include….

canvas undraw_making_art_759c.png

Visual Facilitation & Canvases

Liberating Structures

Accountability Frameworks

Agile Principles

Lego & Tactile Toys

Mapping & Diagrams

Creative Games

Decision Making Tools

Problem Solving Tools

Appreciative Inquiry

improv - undraw_building_blocks_n0nc.png

Improv & Theater Exercises

powerful q - undraw_super_woman_dv0y.png

Powerful Questions

Participatory Decision-making

ritual - undraw_cup_of_tea_6nqg.png

Ritual Design

Ideation Techniques


Our Process


Client Feedback


Anna - Sensu

PeopleStorming designed and facilitated our company sales and marketing offsite. We're a remote company, so we really wanted to make the most of our time together and come away with clear deliverables from the meeting. Rachel really kept us on track, and made sure all decisions and parking lot items were recorded. As a result, there was never a sense that something was "decided" but then lost, never to return to it again, and there was no derailing due to off topics, but rather an efficient use of the parking lot. Rachel is an excellent facilitator and very perceptive - she could immediately tell if and when we were going off on a tangent.

Silicon Valley, CA, USA

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