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Employee Experience & Engagement Research


Employee experience is made up of the things people encounter, observe and feel over the course of their career journey at a particular organization.

Employee engagement explores the levels of passion and connection people have with their organization. It's a measure of how motivated people are to put in effort and a sign of how committed they are to staying there.

PeopleStorming partners with organizations like yours to design and conduct effective, qualitative research.

We have three key approaches, all of which emphasize deep listening and the use of powerful questions: focus groups, interviews and observational studies...

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Observational Studies

Observational Studies

Study Group on the Grass

Focus Groups


Bain & Co conducted research with 362 firms and found that only 8% were really delivering superior experience to customers - even though 80% believed they were.

All 8% of the companies who delivered superior experience focused on extensive customer interactions. This included focus groups, interviews and observation - leading to deep insights.

We help you to understand how and why to provide your people and teams with a world-class customer experience.


The Process

We'll discuss your objectives for the study.

We will design a process to gather representative sample groups or individuals from your organization. We'll design questions that get to the heart of what you care about.

We'll conduct engaging and interesting conversations.

We'll capture the discussion. We'll compile our findings into an easily digestible report and/or presentation.

We'll help you prioritize and decide which areas to focus on addressing. We can also provide recommendations for actions to take.

Coming soon - a case study on a digital workplace focus group for a mid-size tech company.


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