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We bring together tools, methods and techniques from diverse sources to support your team's creative process. They will innovate faster and more ambitiously than they ever have.


The future is a constantly unfolding set of possibilities. The truly great advances in that future will be made by those who can make wild connections. Only minds that know how to play will do that.

We offer a pair of workshops designed to foster experimentation and expression in any team that wants to lean in and be creative. They are complementary and are often requested back-to-back by teams we work with.

Our Boosting Creativity & Innovation workshop focuses on tools that create the right mental states to draw out (and amplify) illusive ideas.

Our Organizational Improv workshop harnesses the secret sauce that allows improv performers to create something from nothing, again and again.


The six words you need are:
Notice More, Let Go, and Use Everything.
In short... ‘Everything’s an Offer.’

Robert Poynton


Boosting Creativity & Innovation Workshop

In this workshop you will...

  • Experience exercises that reconnect you to your innate creativity and curiosity.

  • Discover new sources of inspiration.

  • Play with fun, effective & inclusive ideation processes.

  • Increase your team and organization’s capacity for innovation by creating a culture of experimentation.

  • Practice coaching for creativity.

  • Learn how to reframe anything.

  • Learn about divergent and convergent thinking.

  • Play with being a different persona / wearing a different hat.

  • Play with empathy as a tool for understanding your audience's wants and needs.

  • Play with your team's vision of the future.

  • Leave with a ton of fresh ideas.

Organizational Improv Workshop

In this workshop you will...

  • Learn 10 principles of improvisation that translate to high-performing teams.

  • Learn to generate ideas quickly and without judgement.

  • Experience new ways of thinking.

  • Rediscover your playful side and how to leverage it for creative empowerment.

  • Practice creativity in a low-stakes, safe, nurturing environment.

  • Learn how to say Yes And to open up team collaboration and creativity.

  • Learn how to avoid blocking and closing down.

  • Practice pattern spotting and making unique combinations.


Open Sessions

In addition to offering dedicated workshops for teams, we hold regular sessions that are open to individuals. If you'd be interested in one of those sessions, let us know...


97% of CEO's see innovation as a top priority and value for their organization.

Public Study, PWC - 2017


Victor - Art - Riot Games

On organizational improv....I think it's a pretty big misconception, to assume improv is just messing around. It’s about perception, listening, creativity, problem solving and interaction. A lot of different things. The fundamentals of it can be applied to everything else {life, work, relationships}. The surface of playing and having fun is just a skin that it can take on but it’s really something deeper than that.


In the long history of humankind, those who learn to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.

Charles Darwin


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