Our Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty and satisfaction of a firm's client relationships. It ranges from 0-10.


Coaching Clients


Mallory - Product Management - Zeus

I highly recommend working with Rachel at PeopleStorming. Rachel has been my coach for several months and my coaching sessions have been worth every penny. I recently decided to transition into product management and she's provided me with the structure I need to level up my product skills and build more confidence. We've experimented with many exercises (e.g., storytelling, assessing my strategy and communication skills, coaching through work situations) and I end every session feeling energized with a game plan. I just signed an offer for a new Product role and I couldn't have done it without Rachel's help!

Facilitation Clients


Caleb H. CEO - Sensu

I'm particularly impressed with how versatile PeopleStorming is with regards to facilitating a wide variety of topics across multiple practice areas (e.g. marketing vs customer support). They helped bring our team together to build an action plan for the following year. They did a great job creating an open dialog where all team members were able to share and get the most out of the time spent. Bravo to the team! We'll definitely hire you again.

Training Clients


Ghiyom T. - Development - Riot Games

Rachel is an incredible person with fantastic leadership skills.

When I signed up for her organizational improv program, I expected a quick way to release stress and disconnect. However, every single session was meticulously planned through and through. Without noticing it, I would be effortlessly pushed into exploring a new side of my personality, my communication style or how I relate to others. It was definitely a memorable experience.

As a course designer and facilitator, on top of being ridiculously prepared, she is always present, listen and make you feel at ease as you explore new territories. She instantly makes you feel important and valued, leading to a genuine connection that she leverages in the most thoughtful way as she pushes you forward in your growth.

Silicon Valley, CA, USA

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