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Career Coaching

For professionals facing challenges or change


There are times when general career advice doesn't cut it. You and your situation are unique. You need someone who'll listen to the details and support you to come up with strategies that work for you.

Working with a coach is a great, low-stakes way to explore and experiment with different ideas for your career based challenges. Your coach keeps you accountable to giving your career the time and attention it deserves.


Your Challenges

Some challenges you may be facing...

  • Changing roles

  • Finding a new career path or role

  • Professional branding

  • Growing a professional network

  • Interview anxiety or concerns

  • Interpersonal issues

  • Manager / team problems

  • International relocation

  • Performance review and feedback issues

  • Imposter syndrome and confidence

Any other challenge that gets in the way of you being fulfilled at work


Our Methods

Some of our tools, models and processes include...

  • Crafting a compelling narrative

  • Values assessment

  • Vision statements

  • Goal setting

  • Skills assessment

  • Resume review & revamp

  • LinkedIn review & revamp

  • Professional branding review & revamp

  • Cover letter - writing skills

  • Decision-making matrix

  • Interview question preparation

  • Interview evaluation

How we work...

  • We have confidence that the answers to your challenges are already known to you but that they are often buried beneath the surface.

  • We help you to explore your thoughts to unearth the solutions you need.

  • We partner with you to keep you accountable to your aspirations.

  • We remind you of all the little ways you can be kind to yourself and thus more effective and empowered.

We use three key skills to support you:

  1. Listening

  2. Questioning

  3. Accountability

Coaching is a structured conversation that can take place in person, over video or phone.


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