You stand for an open, inclusive workplace free of bullying, intimidation, discrimination and all forms of harassment. We’ll make sure your team is equipped to safeguard that reality.


Helping your team to create a harassment-free workplace isn’t simply a legal requirement, it is a fundamental duty of care. The tricky part is that, due to its association with compliance, anti-harassment training can feel like going through the motions. As a result, learning is often less sticky.

We think that harassment training should be memorable if it’s going to have the lasting effect it deserves to have. This is why we decided to bring all of our facilitation and storytelling experience together for this highly participatory workshop.


Anti-harassment Workshop

You will…

  • Learn about the different types of harassment

  • Learn about the importance of specific protected categories of individual

  • Explore the implications of your duty to uphold your organization’s anti-harassment policy

  • Understand your options for dealing with potential harassment (both of yourself and of colleagues)

  • Dig into a wide range of thoughtfully chosen, modern examples to test your thinking

  • Be part of a safe space for discussing some of the difficult parts of this subject

  • Explore how providing a harassment-free workplace does not have to mean creating one devoid of warmth, humanity, passion or care


In this workshop, I was able to see my coworkers as the complex people that they are and see where they're coming from.

Kirsten F. - Design - Indeed


Silicon Valley, CA, USA

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